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14 Signs You Chose The Right Dental Real Estate Broker (Part III)

14 Signs You Chose The Right Dental Real Estate Broker (Part III)

4/12/2019 5:32:09 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 21

This is part III of a series. Part IV will be published on Monday.

3. Your broker leaves a great first impression from the get-go


A good broker listens to you without immediately going into his “spiel." In fact, he won’t even have a “spiel.” He’ll listen to you, with all the attention that’s your due.

This should put you at ease. He’ll do this to get to know you better.

He’ll ask you about your hopes and dreams.

And where you see your practice in five years.

Where you’re looking to take your business.

What drew you to your field in the first place.

You’ve come to the broker with a specific problem and you want him to hear you. Not for him to hit you up with a sales pitch right off the bat.

A good broker knows the better he understands you, the better he can serve you. After giving you his undivided attention, he’ll take a deep dive into the specific needs of your practice.

The right broker is one who’s done his homework. For example, if you’ve had phone conversations with him, he’ll have notes written down which he’ll share with you.

If he comes to your meeting unprepared, this means he’s disorganized. This is a good sign he won't be effective at getting you into the office space you’ve been dreaming of.

A good broker begins to forge a strong relationship right from that very first meeting. He'll share insights, ideas, and industry knowledge that pertains to your future plans. This will provide you with benefits beyond helping you to find office space.

The right broker sees you as more than a “deal.” This change in the usual way of seeing things makes all the difference in the world.

This is a difference you’ll be able to feel.

A good broker is proactive and keeps the process moving without being pushy. If your prospective broker comes across as too pushy, run away real fast. 

You’re going to need a representative who presents himself as professional. And confident without being brusque.

These are the same qualities that prospective landlords and team members will see. That’s why they’re so important. You don’t want a broker who so lacking in the social niceties that he pushes away those with the power to help you.

During your first meeting with him, he’ll set expectations on how the work will move forward. These include the immediate next steps.

This helps keep the process on track.

After your first meeting, you should have a good feeling about doing business with him.

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