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14 Signs You Chose The Right Dental Real Estate Broker (Part I)

14 Signs You Chose The Right Dental Real Estate Broker (Part I)

4/8/2019 10:08:43 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 16

This is part I of a series. Part II will be published on Wednesday.

You can’t afford to go with a real estate broker who’s merely phoning it in.  

This is the kind of guy who tries to push you into a space that doesn’t suit you, because he’s tired and just wants to get his check as fast as possible. Most real estate professionals start out with the best intentions. But sometimes over time, these intentions fall by the wayside.

The broker forgets why he’s in this business in the first place, which is to help get clients what they need. So of course, he slacks off with you, paying lip service to your needs.

He may even start to violate ethical boundaries and end up doing shady things.

Like, not disclosing information that’ll help you. A shady broker does this because it’ll fatten up his bank account at your expense. This'll be bad for your bottom line and your reputation.

There’s a vast difference between a broker who’s ethically-challenged and only in it for the money. And, one who’s committed to doing whatever it takes to get you what you need.

Here are 14 signs you chose the right broker:

1. Your broker wows you with the depth of his market knowledge.

 Does your broker have the depth of market knowledge you’ll need to separate the wheat from the chaff? If so, he'll be able to find only those opportunities that make sense for you.

He’ll know the trends of the local market inside and out. This includes what other tenants are paying for similar office space in the same area. He’ll know the other listing agents by name and won’t have to be introduced every single time.

Landlords won’t have to constantly spoon-feed him market information either. 

He’ll arrive with the floor plan and listing information in hand, and not get it from the owner. It’s true that listing agents will have this information, but you didn’t hire the listing agent. 

A good broker keeps his finger on the pulse on the market by driving around every day. He's out there looking because he knows you don't acquire market knowledge sitting at a desk. Being proactive gives him the depth of knowledge that’ll instill confidence in you.

Best of all, he’ll share this market knowledge with you. Because he does, you'll get specialized insights into each building you look at.

This makes your decision so much easier.

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