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Should You Buy or Lease Your Dental Office Space? (Part III)

Should You Buy or Lease Your Dental Office Space? (Part III)

4/1/2019 7:12:44 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 32
This is Part III (and the final part) of my series on leasing versus buying your dental office space. 

Putting Together Your “Dream Team” To Help You Make The Right Decision

To make any important decision in your life, you need to put together a “dream team” of people who’ll be there to advise you every step of the way. Deciding whether to buy or lease dental space is no different. Hire professionals who specialize in healthcare real estate, because healthcare practitioners looking for office space have unique needs.

These professionals include lawyers, architects, accountants, and of course, brokers. For example, consider medical office aesthetics. These are vastly different from the rest of the commercial real estate world, based on evidence-based best practices that have been proven to be effective in healthcare office settings.    

These days, what works is patient-centered design that’s warm and inviting. This has been proven to reduce anxiety levels and accelerate healing and recovery. Not so long ago, healthcare organizations would spend as little as possible on windows because of the added costs.

But because of research into patient-centered design, this kind of thinking is becoming passé.

A guiding principle of patient-centered design is helping patients to feel a connection with the outside world. A dental practice can achieve this by having a waiting room overlooking a beautiful natural setting.

Or, having lots of windows that allow natural light to stream in.

Another thing needed in healthcare office space is the seamless integration of emerging technology into the office design. This serves to facilitate workflow and makes everything more efficient, which improves the quality of treatment. Good design also improves the user experience of the visitor by helping him find his way around a facility more easily.

There’s a quiet revolution going on in healthcare real estate.

Healthcare practitioners are moving away from antiquated-looking offices to space that’s chic, fun, and conducive to patient recovery. Professionals on your team who specialize in healthcare real estate are up on all these trends. They can help you decide whether it makes sense to buy or lease based on your unique needs and what you want your office space to look like.

And even feel like.

Your office space needs to exude the kind of professionalism that makes patients confident they chose the right medical professional. Exceptional environments help to create exceptional patient experiences.

To help you accomplish this, we’ll tour possible locations with you and point out things about each space you probably even haven’t considered. We can also make recommendations on how to build out the space to best achieve your professional objectives.

You can’t get this kind of specialized service from a broker who handles every type of commercial real estate transaction. At HPRG, we know what kind of office space make the most sense for medical professionals…including dentists. After all, we’ve done this for over 20 years.

Call us today and we’ll help get what you need.

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