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Through our experience working with thousands of dentist and other medical professionals we have gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges you will likely face while getting a home loan. We are here for any question you may have!
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Why A Medical Professional Loan Is Better Than A Conventional Or FHA Mortgage (5 Facts You Should Know)

Why A Medical Professional Loan Is Better Than A Conventional Or FHA Mortgage (5 Facts You Should Know)

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Medical professionals face several unique challenges when buying a home and applying for a conventional or FHA mortgage loan.  Until recently, physician home loans or doctor mortgages were only available to M.D. and DMD, excluding many other medical professionals with similar needs.

Now medical professionals have options outside conventional and FHA loans to help them overcome these common challenges and in many instances borrow at lower total costs.

5 Facts You Should Know-

  1. Conventional and FHA loans require private mortgage insurance. Medical professionals often have more education and therefore more student loans and expenses, than most borrowers.  This frequently means that medical professionals have not been able to save the traditional 20% down payment, which is required to remove mortgage insurance with conventional financing.

Mortgage insurance or PMI is a costly insurance that protects the lender, but is paid by you the borrower.  These monthly insurance premiums typically continue for greater than ten years or for the life of the loan in many cases with FHA financing.  Avoiding these monthly premiums when putting less than 20% down is almost always going to save you significantly.

Medical professional loans help you avoid the costly monthly and up front funding fees that are typical with conventional and FHA financing.

  1. A medical professional loan will enable you to close before you start a new position. Many of our clients are looking to coordinate their new home purchase with the start of their new job.  Obviously having the flexibility of closing on the new home, before starting the new job is important to most relocating families.  Many times our clients are moving from one state to another and once they find a home they want, being able to close quickly is key to getting their offer accepted.

Our programs allow medical professionals to close up to 90 days prior to the start of their new position, allowing them great flexibility in the timing of their offer to purchase as well as the actual closing or settlement.

Additionally we have the ability to postpone the first month’s payment by up to 60 days (depending on when in the month your closing is scheduled).

We also have the ability to close as quickly as 14 days in many cases.  This enables you to write a very compelling offer, with short deadlines that the seller will find very attractive.

  1. Conventional and FHA loans typically require you to qualify based on 1% of your outstanding loan balances as a monthly payment. Depending on the amount of your student loan indebtedness, this can make qualifying difficult or in some instances impossible.  We speak with clients regularly who are declined for conventional or FHA financing elsewhere, only to be approved with our medical professional programs without any problem.


  1. Conventional and FHA loans want to see a two year history of self-employed or 1099 income. Our medical professional programs have greater flexibility in approving newly self-employed or 1099 income borrowers.  In some instances, we can qualify newly 1099 clients based on their employment agreements or offer letters with no history whatsoever.


If you are newly self-employed or 1099, we definitely want to better understand the terms of your income and see if we can help.


  1. The medical professional home loan process should be less stressful than an FHA or conventional mortgage process. Our loan officers, processors, underwriters, and closers work with medical professionals all day every day.  We understand the unique challenges and issues that are commonplace with medical professionals (including but not limited to the facts mentioned in this article).  We have created systems and educated our team to do everything humanly possible to remove the stress from your mortgage and home buying experience.

Before you make a mortgage decision, I would encourage you to check your lender’s reputation online.  One way to do that is to check their Google or Face Book reviews.  You want to verify any lender you choose to work with, has experience working with medical professionals and the professionals they serve actually enjoy the experience of working with that bank.

I’ve included a link to several of our review sites below as well as a few of the testimonials our medical professional clients have sent us after their loan closed.  We live to create experiences like this for our clients and would be delighted to have the opportunity to serve you.  I’d invite you to call, email, or request your consultation via our website today.

“The day of the loan, he called us and told us we could actually lower the interest rate that day if we wanted to wait a few days, which I don’t think many lenders would ever do. So it was a great experience, I’d recommend him to anybody.”
Dr. Tricia and Derek Twelves


“My experience working with Josh and his team was a positive one. They made it as easy and painless as possible. Even when my refinance became more difficult than originally anticipated they handled it professionally and efficiently. They are very organized and do a great job communicating during the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to refinance their mortgage.”
Dr. James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP, Editor of The White Coat Investor


“David Nelson at Fairway Mortgage was amazing! He helped us through some very stressful times and was always available to answer any questions that we had. My wife and I were very impressed and if we ever need any future mortgages David will be the first person we contact and the first person we would recommend. We are very happy with our results!”
Michael Tillman, CRNA, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Tucker CRNA testimonial“As first time home buyers, we were a little worried we would be overwhelmed with the process of finding a home. Scott Breen and Fairway made the loan process simple and seamless. We love our new home and would recommend Fairway to anyone looking for a place to call home!”
Elizabeth M. Tucker, CRNA and William S. Tucker, North Fulton Anesthesia Associates, Atlanta, Georgia


“Working with Ross from Fairway was a fantastic experience. He was informative, honest, cordial and always prompt with his replies. We would recommend both Ross and Fairway to anyone looking to buy a new home!”
Dr. Jeremy Hunt, and Crystal Hunt, HealthPartners, St. Paul, Minnesota


“The difference between working with Josh at Fairway and the competition was clear from the start. Instead of asking how much i wanted to borrow Josh took the time to calculate and talk through what would be best for me based on my goals. After hearing horror stories of delays, paperwork and complications with the home buying process i was surprised to find that my experience with Josh and Fairway was as smooth as can be. When the sellers requested a shortened closing timeframe Josh assured us that they could get it done without a doubt. Indeed they had our loan ready to close days early on an already accelerated closing timeline. impeccably proffesional and always available to talk. I wholeheartedly recommend Josh and Fairway, they’ll look our for you, promise only what they can deliver and get the job done! ”
Van Willis, Kaysville Utah


“We were so happy with Fairway, and especially Matt Smith. They were able to overcome some serious hurdles that other lenders couldn’t. Matt was always available to answer questions. The entire process was made so much easier because of their service!”
Dr. Lance & Emali M Mollenhauer, Gilbert Arizona


“I have nothing but good things to say about David Nelson and his team. They were good communicators throughout the process, and provided me with answers to my many questions as a first time homebuyer. As a medical student, it was hard for me to take time off of work for hone calls etc. During the day, which I was concerned about. David and his team were very flexible about this, and the majority of the process was done via email, and online document signing. Very efficient. Very professional. I also very much liked the financial info David sent me, very informative and easy to read for someone who doesn’t have a financial background. Thank you for everything!”
Dr. Daniel Johnson and Family


“Thank you for making the home loan process simple and streamlined! We appreciated the assistance and communication from Josh Mettle and his team at Fairway. I am definitely recommending them to my friends and family. We are in love with our new home and the sunset views over the wetlands from our front yard! ”
Dr. Nicole Pena, Vallejo California


“Our experience with Fairway Mortgage was truly unexpected. I have never heard of anyone going through the process of getting a mortgage loan and have everything go so smoothly! Drake is absolutely one in a million and is not only extremely knowledgeable, he is kind and patient. Aside form how professional everyone at Fairway conducted themselves, they are thoughtful and it almost feels like you are their only client because of the level of attention you get. We had started the loan process with a major bank and needless to say, we withdrew our application with them and decided to go with Fairway, knowing they would make things happen and that everything would turn out exactly as they said it would. And it did! Thanks again to the entire team that made buying our first dream home possible! We couldn’t be happier!”
Dr. Luis & Barbara Mijica, Houston Texas


“I loved working with Drake and Fairway. From day one they were personable and kind. They walked me through every step of my CRNA loan, offered competitive rates and I couldn’t stop bragging about them to my friends and family. Even my realtor was amazed at how great they handled everything. Although across the country, they work as if they are right around the corner at an in-town office. Drake and Fairway were there whenever I had a question via email or phone, and they never made me feel like my little questions were a bother. They genuinely cared and I felt like I was their only customer. Closing was painless and quick on their end and even on the days when I had no questions, they reached out in many ways just to let me know they were there. I was easily moved in by the holidays and now I can sit and relax with my family and friends. I would use them again in a heartbeat, but I plan to enjoy my new home for a long time! !”
Rachael Skaggs, CRNA, Warren, OH


“Ross Zimmerman, Jordan Asmus, Brock Harvey and the entire team at Fairway were exceptional! We shopped around for several home loan options and found Fairway’s CRNA Home Loan option to be a perfect fit for us. Ross kept us updated throughout the process- from our initial inquiries all the way to closing. Via the Fairway app (pretty cool!), email and texts, all of our questions and concerns were addressed immediately. Whenever we submitted any necessary documentation for our home loan, Fairway was amazingly quick to do their part to get us to the next step. We were shocked to have received our clear to close much quicker than anticipated. This is our second time buying a home and Fairway made their part of the process stress-free. We highly recommend Ross Zimmerman and the Fairway team and will definitely be referring our friends their way. ”
Mark & Deanna Doria , CRNA, Katy, TX


“I am very pleased with our first home purchase through the Physician Group at Fairway. We had a very quick close date and Austin Coleman and his team worked diligently to get us closed on time. Thank you everyone at Fairway for giving medical students and residents an opportunity to purchase a home. ”
Dr. Aaron Tu, Scottsdale Arizona


“I was referred Mike Jones with Fairway mortgage by my sister She told me I was in good hands with Mike and she was right. I have bought houses in the past and this was by far the best and easiest experience I have ever had with getting a mortgage. Mike
communicated with me through the entire process so I knew what was happening the whole time. I loved Fairway and Mike so much that I decided to refinance my loan when interest rates went down. I would
recommend Mike Jone at Fairway Mortgage to
everyone. ”
DDS Kelley Ryals, Santa Fe, NM


The customer service David and his team provided throughout the entire process was unlike anything we’ve experienced! They answered all of our questions (always within 12-24 hours, sometimes within minutes), and let us know where we were in the process and where we were going. Hands down the best experience with a mortgage company we’ve ever had – we’ll never use anyone else and will recommend without hesitation to our friends!
Michael & Amanda Dinges, JD. , Carmel Indiana


Spivak, #1 physician home loans, doctor mortgage“Josh Mettle and his team helped us achieve what we thought we couldn’t!
An amazing team with an incredible solution for physician home loans. Responsible, knowledgeable and trustworthy!
My family and I are homeowners thanks to Josh and the Fairway team! Thanks guys!”
Dr. Roman Spivak, Pulmonary Specialties, Fairfield, Connecticut


“Josh Mettle and team were amazing! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make their home buying experience easy and stress free. Originally we started with another mortgage company and we were dragged along until 10 days before closing when they decided they couldn’t help us anymore. We were moving from California and already had jobs in Utah. And now we were 10 days away from being homeless. That’s when Josh and team came in to save the day. What the other company couldn’t do in a month Josh and team did in 10 days. Thank you so much for being our mortgage superheroes!!”
Marissa Schultz, Eagle Mountain, UT


“We had a great experience working with Fairway Mortgage Company. Everything was prompt and this speediness of replying and availability of our contact person at Fairway was so useful during the closing process when things feel a bit tentative. It was really nice to know that we didn’t have to worry about the lending aspect of closing. All around I would highly recommend working with Fairway Physician Home Loans.”
Katherine Beebe , Salt Lake City, UT


“Everyone at Fairway was great to work with. Shane and his team did exactly what they said they could do and in the amount of time that we were told. I’ve worked with other lenders before that tell you one thing to earn your business and then when it comes time to close the dates or numbers aren’t the same. This was not the case! Great work with this company! ”
Stephen and Keara Cox , Mount Pleasant, SC


Our experience with Shane and the team at Fairway was nothing short of excellent. The entire process was streamlined and exactly what Shane claimed it would be. I was skeptical at first (as I usually am) when Shane explained the package they could offer specific for our needs and the speed at which he could get it done. Yet, here I stand at the end of the process still shocked he could deliver this quality of a loan in the speed he did; not to forget the top notch customer service I consistently received. I’ve referred several colleagues of mine to Shane and Fairway and I would/ will use Fairway in the future if the need arises!

Joe Downing, Rockville, IN


“We were very impressed with Fairway Independent mortgage. Buying first home can be stressful, but Josh and his team have been very helpful to get the loan processing done without any delay. He was very fast to respond and answer all my questions. I want to thank Josh and his team once again.”
Dr. Gopi, Salt Lake City, Utah


Cottle family“Scott Breen and Glenda Marchessault were fantastic to work with. We had prompt communication and they were always willing to answer our million questions! Thanks for making the home loan process such a breeze!”
Darrin and Sterling (Penni & Bourbon), Physician Assistant, Salt Lake City, Utah


doctor loan, physician mortgage“I had an excellent experience with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation! My agent, Mr. Scott Breen, was incredibly polite and professional. He was able to process my application in a single month! I am incredibly thankful to Mr. Breen, and everyone at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, for helping me to finally own a home of my own, a dream I have had since I was 13 years of age.”
Dr. Neal Verma, Resident Physician, Middleburg, Florida


doctor mortgage, physician home loan“Scott did a great job getting us a Physicians Loan! The loan process was relatively quick and easy, and they answered all of my many, many (annoying) questions ?? We would highly recommend Fairway to anyone buying a house in the Salt Lake area. Thank you for all of your time and quality service!”
Dr. Dasha Kenlan, Resident, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah


“Our experience with Fairway was phenomenal. Dan was incredibly helpful, answering all our questions throughout the process and ensuring we found the loan that worked best for our needs. Everyone we worked with was friendly and professional. We recommend them to everyone we know who is looking to buy a home!”
Dr. Caitlin Gallagher and Erin Gallagher, Helena, Montana


“What a pleasure! The loan process is generally the least fun aspect of the home buying process and Fairway made it easy! We were able to apply, buy, and close all from the comfort of our sofa! Thank you Fairway for tailoring every aspect of this process to our needs!”
Alexandra M. Varias, CRNA, Clearwater, Florida


“Mike Jones at Fairway Mortgage was exceptional!! The process was extremely easy and we closed our VA refinance within a couple of weeks. Mike Jones was very knowledgeable about our VA loan and answered any questions we had right away. We are so happy with our process and if we ever refinance in the future, Mike Jones at Fairway Mortgage will be the first person we call! Thank you to all of the team at Fairway for making our life so much easier in this process!!”
Kristin and Michael Tillman, CRNA, Navarre, Florida


Weronica Douglas review, dentist mortgage“Shane Barker and the fairway Independent Mortgage team were amazing to work with and got everything ready to close on my house before the builders were able to build it. Shane went the extra mile to make thing quick and easy.”
Dr. Weronika Douglas, DDS, Horizon City, Texas


Kristina Weitzel review, veterinarian mortgage“We are so thankful for everyone that made the loan process go smoothly for us! We love our first new home!”
Dr. Kristina Weitzel, DVM, Columbia, Missouri


“After calling every bank in town, every one of them either didn’t call us back after our initial conversation, or they told us they were “weary” of us getting approved for a home loan with our debt-to-income ratio. Being first time home buyers was extremely scary and stressful, but Fairway Mortgage took all of that stress and fear and turned it into confidence and power. We were given a book to empower our understanding of the home buying world and lingo, we always received quick responses from our loan officer (even on weekends), and we were never in the dark with our application status. I had full confidence with Fairway knowing our situation as recent medical school graduates and never had a worry. This was huge for us! We started the process of applying for a loan with a local bank that our real estate agent recommended, and when I would ask her questions I felt like she was annoyed she had to explain what everything was and that I didn’t understand all the lingo. I never felt that way with Fairway. My loan officer was always happy to offer explanations and help. He usually offered them before I even had to ask. Fairway truly was a breath of fresh air for us! I would recommend them to everyone, but especially families who are a part of the medical community and have a large amount of student-loan debt.”
Dr. Trevor Pugh, University of Washington-Boise, Boise, Idaho


“We had a wonderful experience with Josh Mettle and Fairway Physician Home Loans. This is our fifth mortgage for our third house and this is BY FAR the easiest process we have had. Josh Mettle and his staff were superb to work with and communication was superb. Thanks for everything!”
Dr. Eric Rush, Children’s Mercy Kansas City, Parkville, Missouri


“After struggling with a lender that was unfamiliar with physicians loans we discovered Josh Mettle with Fairway. Fairway was clearly the right choice! They worked with us throughout the entire process, kept us updated by email, documents were easy to access, and our questions were promptly answered. Even our realtor commented on the high level of professionalism and ease of working with this group. We are super happy in our new home – thanks again for everything!!!”
<Dr. Jonathan Muretisch, Resident Physician, Caldwell, Idaho


“We worked with Mike Jones and it was great. He was very eager to help and he was always available for questions. Kept on task and moving forward. He and his team was able to get the loan approved in a very timely manner. Overall very good people to work with. Our real estate agent has now been referring people to them as well.”
Dr. Jesse Swift, Ophthalmologist, Albuquerque, New Mexico


“I really appreciate all of the help that Fairway Mortgage provided me with throughout my first home buying experience. Ross, in particular, was extremely helpful through every step of the process, and he was always available when I had any questions or concerns.”
Thanks again!
Christopher Belics, DC, Chiropractor, St. Louis, Missouri


“We recently became first-time homeowners thanks to Mike Jones and his team at Fairway. After having a frustrating experience with Bank of America, then another roadblock with Security National, and two other phone calls to other lenders, we finally found our fit with Fairway Physician Home Loans. Mike sent us a video comparison so we could see our loan options spelled out and he was readily available for all of our questions. He gave us a step by step process so we knew what was happening the whole time. He gave us confidence that we could still get into our home on our timeline and his team worked magic! We are deeply grateful for their efficient work and late hours spent on our behalf. Many thanks to Mike Jones and his team for making our dreams become reality! My family was able to move in to our first house where we have room to spread out, a backyard to play, and where loved ones can gather. THANK YOU!”
Jennifer Brown and Dr. Chase Brown, Resident Physician, Springville, Utah


“David made the mortgage process very easy, he was always quick to respond to emails and only a phone call away. My realtor also enjoyed working with Fairway Mortgage as she got all the information she needed very quickly. I shopped around quite a bit for mortgages. With Fairway I was given a fair rate and wouldn’t have been able to purchase a home without them. They were very understanding of the situation graduating medical students are in and were quick to help get me get in a home. If you are a graduating medical student looking to purchase a home before residency I would recommend Fairway.”
Dominic Diprinzio, Resident Physician, UMC Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada


“As first time home buyers we were nervous about the whole process, especially because of a bad experience in the past that led us to rent instead of buy. My husband was a few months away from graduating from Medical school and we had a small baby but knew we didn’t want to rent anymore when we moved for his residency. We decided to buy, even though we already had a lot of stress. We shopped around for a company that would work for our needs and give us a better experience. This is when we came upon Fairway Mortgage company. After reading their reviews and speaking to Mike Jones, we felt comfortable going with them and we have no regrets! We struggled to find a house in a competitive market and when we found one we loved, Mike called the listing agent on the house we liked to recommend us as buyers. After getting an accepted offer, the entire process went incredibly smooth and quick because of Mike’s diligence ahead of time. We closed on our house in less then 3 weeks! He kept us updated every step of the way and made sure we knew what to expect. He was so helpful and great with responding to any email or question we had. We highly recommend him and Fairway and will definitely be using them in the future! They actually made buying a house a fun experience!”
Dr. Zachary Loy, Psychiatry Resident, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services and Kelsie Loy, Sparta, Michigan


Couzens Testimonial
“I can’t thank Scott Breen enough for his help! It was our first time buying a house, and he made the process much less intimidating. He was very responsive with emails and phone calls, and was very patient with my numerous questions. I would highly recommend him and Fairway mortgage to my friends and family.”
Dr. Erica Couzens, Resident Physician, Fontana, California


“Smooth process for my first mortgage! Couldn’t be more thankful for David Nelson’s quick response time to my millions of emails and his help throughout the process.”
Dr. Hannah Wolsiefer-Leak, Resident, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico


“They kept us informed through the entire process and made everything so easy!”
Dan-Huy Nguyen, M.D., Doctor of Pharmacy, Edmunds, Oklahoma


Price family, new homeowners“Amber and I were so grateful and impressed with the hard work you guys did on our loan. The experience was as pleasant as you could ever expect while getting a mortgage. Amber and I are very pleased with our new house and it is all thanks to you guys!”
James Price and Dr. Amber Price, M.D., Orthopedic Resident, University of NM


Root family happy clients“As both my wife and I were graduating from medical school and wishing to purchase a home, our options were limited when it came to home loans. Josh and his team were very patient in explaining our options and the home buying process. He always returned our calls and answered our questions in an extremely timely manner. I highly recommend The Physician Group for those looking for a new home.”
Dr. Shane Root and Dr. Melissa Balbuena-Root, M.D., Resident Physicians, St. Joseph’s Hospital


Burton physician family“Our experience was great, mostly because of two people: our loan officer and our paperwork expert. This was our second time buying a house, and I have never seen a smoother process. I initially reached out to this group because my husband and I were looking for a physician loan, which not many people seem to thoroughly understand. Many places have strict requirements for mortgage loans, especially when there is excessive debt involved. It had been thoroughly frustrating trying to find a place that understood our situation: we had a high debt-to-income ratio, but our income would be going up within two months of moving. I interviewed three or four places, and easily settled on using the Physician Group. They were always quick to respond to emails and always updated us when there were changes. When there were a few weeks while we were waiting for paperwork to go through, they always kept us aware of everything and always reminded us what paperwork was missing or needed updates. Like I said earlier, this was by far the easiest large purchase we’ve ever made.”
The Burton family – Dr. Michael Burton and Tandi Burton, Wee Care Pediatrics


Dr. Cordner testimonial“We had such a wonderful experience with The Physician Group. We were not sure if we would qualify and we were overwhelmed with all that we needed to do to buy a house. You guys took all the stress from off our shoulders and took care of everything so quickly. We could not be more happy with our new home and we owe it to you guys for making it happen! We have already referred some friends and will continue to do so! Thanks!”
Dr. Kyle Cordner D.D.S. and Natalee Cordner, Dentist, Shalimar Family Dentistry


They made the process of buying our first home efficient and easy.“The Physician Group made the process of buying our first home efficient and easy. Being 1st time homebuyers, they made each step of the process flow seamlessly. The team would respond within 1 hour each time and would send almost weekly emails to check in on me and to explain the process from that point in time. They helped me secure a great home loan and secure a loan to pay for the down deposit, since I was a poor medical student and could not afford this on my own. Even more, they set me up with an excellent realtor so that I didn’t have to do research to find one on my own. Overall, being a medical student, and now a doctor, with very little time, the Physician Group made the whole process enjoyable for both my wife and I. I fully recommend anyone looking to buy a home to explore what they can do for you.”
Dr. Chris Newberry, M.D., Otolaryngology, University of Utah Hospital


Buff“As soon as we received our residency assignment for Tucson, Arizona, we began our search for a house. We were familiar with physician loans from the White Coat Investor and had seen Josh Mettle recommended on that site. After researching a few other physician loan programs, we quickly settled on working with Josh due to his responsiveness and personal touch. Given the short turnaround, working with someone as responsive as Josh was critical. The other loan programs we contacted took several days to even respond to our initial inquiry, whereas Josh had already put together a personalized presentation for us and walked us through all of the great options available to us. It made it a no-brainer to move forward with Josh, as we had complete confidence in him to take care of us throughout the process.

Once we found the home of our dreams, Josh began working with our realtor immediately to iron out all the details. Our realtor commented several times on how prompt and responsive Josh was, as he’s been in the business for decades and rarely worked with a company as professional and timely as this. From start to finish, we had complete confidence that everything would be handled promptly and professionally and never had any concerns about our loan being processed and approved on time. Our total closing costs also came in well below the initial projection, which was a great surprise during our completely painless closing process. If we move at the end of residency, we will absolutely be using Josh for our next home loan, as our experience with him was flawless from start to finish.”
David & Dr. Michelle Buff, Resident Physician, University of Arizona


Greenfield happy client“Our experience with the Physician Group was great! They made it easy to go through the stressful experience of buying a house. We spent nearly a year looking for the right home. They were helpful and patient throughout the entire process. The agents were always kind and helpful and always got back to us quickly. We would definitely use them again for future home purchases.”
Dr. Ben Greenfield, Pediatric Physician, Intermountain Healthcare Central Orem Clinic


Gardner satisfied client“We recently completed a home loan refinance with Matt Smith and his team and had an awesome experience! Matt helped us through the initial phases and determining the best mortgage option. They were insightful in helping us secure the lowest interest rate possible–even when it meant more work and hassle for them. They saw to every detail and made it as easy as possible for us. They kept things AHEAD of schedule and closing could not have been easier. If only this level of customer service existed in all the other facets of life. This is an excellent team of professionals and we will definitely be back with all future real estate ventures. Thanks guys!!”
Dr. Aaron Gardner & Mrs. Amy Gardner, Pediatrician, Mountain States Neonatalogy


Shaw“Shortly after moving to Utah my wife and I realized that we needed to move out of our apartment and buy our first home. As young professionals, a dentist and attorney, we had been in our fields for less than six months. We started searching for lenders that would work with us to get a mortgage. I spoke with several brokers that quickly informed us there was nothing they could do for us. I contacted Ross Zimmerman and he ensured us he would do everything he could to help us find a mortgage. He was quick to respond and made sure that he had everything he needed to search for a lender that would work with us. Although it wasn’t easy, he was able to find a lender that was willing to work with us. He and his support staff, particularly Cathy Richardson, were very professional and helpful guiding us through the process. They were always very responsive and informative when we had questions. They were able to secure a lender and help us get to closing. Instead of checking with other brokers, start with Ross Zimmerman and his team. They will do what it takes to get you into your new home.”
Luke Shaw and Dr. Rachel Shaw, DMD, Springville Dentistry, Springville, UT


Happy physician client“Our lending process with Josh Mettle was fantastic. I was a seamless process. He and his associates were available and easy to reach if we had any questions. Josh talked with us for quite a while; going over what options were available to us for a first time mortgage, and what options would best fit our financial status now and in the future. His rates were the best we could find. Josh was highly recommended to us by the Utah Medical Association for his first-hand experience in working with physicians and understanding their financial needs and assets, as well as the projected income changes for new physicians. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our experience. After years of moving across the country for schooling and training, we are happy to finally “put some roots down”. My family loves our new house and neighborhood, and I love the fact that I feel like I received the best deal and rates available for my mortgage.”
The Wood Family, Dr. Geoffrey Wood, MD


Gerrior“2 days before our mortgage was to close (and 1 week before our wedding) Bank of America pulled out due to my lack of a green card. We were devastated. We had put in so much time and travel to find the house, and it was 6 weeks before my start date. I called local banks in regards to physician loans with no success. In a last desperate effort I googled. And it was the best thing that could have happened. I called Drake that day and he got back to me with great news the night before closing. He was able to smooth talk the realtor into holding on and selling to us. Such a pro. We closed on the house 30 days later. During the next week Ashley helped us through the paperwork and we had most done before our nuptials. The team is wonderful. I wish we had been with them from the beginning. We got a great rate, no problems at all. They even sent us a wedding gift!! Don’t hesitate to let this team help you.”
Melanie Gerrior, MD, Hospitalist, Valley View Hospital, Glenwood Springs, CO


Happy dentist homeowners“We worked with Josh Mettle and his team on our first home mortgage. We went into it pretty unfamiliar with how things work and the whole loan process and his team was so great to explain and help us through everything!! We were purchasing our home at a very busy time and we were in a rush to get into our house and they were very promo to finish our loan and resolve any problems we had along the way so that we could get into our house in the time frame we needed. We really appreciated them and enjoyed working with them.”
Megan Griffin and Alec Griffin, DDS, Dental Resident, VA Hospital


Happy first time buyer!“My first home! I was completely unaware of the amount of work/commitment that goes into the loan approval process. I would choose no one other than Joel and his team. All questions/concerns were thoroughly answered in a timely manner (either via email or over the phone). Two big thumbs up and a 10/10 from me.”
Scott Paulsen


Hicks“My wife and I were treated like gold throughout the entire process working with Josh and his staff for our home loan. Even after I closed I was skeptical that if I had a question about our loan that we wouldn’t be helped as quickly. I was wrong; Josh replied to my questions and was very helpful along the way and even after closing. Thanks Josh!!”
Dr. Tyler Hicks, DMD, Dental Resident, VA Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT


Happy physician homeowners in CA“I had a very positive experience with the team and Josh Mettle. The entire process of buying the house and getting loans approval went smoothly and in a timely manner, especially with the time constraints that we had. Thanks to Josh. He always responded to our emails and phone calls right away. I highly recommend Josh Mettle and his team for a physician’s loan.”
Dhrupad Joshi, M.D., Neurology Resident, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Aditi Parikh, M.D., Resident Physician, University of CA, Riverside


empey“We had a complicated loan, and Brandon somehow made it all work. We also ran into some timing issues with closing, but in the end we were well taken care of. Brandon’s team took a tough job and made sure we had everything we needed. Thank you to Brandon and his great team!”
Natalie Killpack and Ryan Empey, M.D., OB/GYN, Granger Medical, Riverton UT


Pat“Drake and his team were great at guiding us through the loan approval process in a timely manner. We got the loan we needed at the rate we wanted. I’d recommend Drake and team to all my friends and family in need of mortgage services. Thanks again!”
Pat McLaughlin, Salt Lake City, UT


Gardner“We could not have asked for a better home buying experience! Working with the Physician Group was an absolute pleasure from the first contact to closing. We were pointed to them by our financial planner at Larson Financial, where we greatly appreciate their excellent customer service, and we were pleased to see the same level of service with the team. Buying a home in the current economic climate is no easy task. Even though we had our affairs in order and all of our documentation well-organized, there were still a lot of unexpected hoops to jump through. Matt and Ashley guided us through every step of purchasing our new home in Idaho. Every email or phone call was promptly returned. They answered all of our questions, explained each step of the process, and followed-up regularly. They took care of all the little details that we honestly just didn’t have time for. They were always ahead of schedule and redundant in their efforts, so that nothing would fall through the cracks when it came time to close. Even though our relationship with them was from a distance, we always felt like we had their full attention and interest. We very much appreciate their quality service, attention to detail, and personal touch. We would gladly give them our highest recommendation, and look forward to working with them for all our future transactions.”
Dr. Aaron Gardner, MD. & Amy Gardner, Pediatrix Medical Group


Teames“I thought Joel was great. He helped answer all of my many questions and constructed a great loan. there were many many times I didn’t think we were going to be able to close. There were plenty of rocky points along the way but at the end of the day, we got our home!”
Richard Teames, M.D. Anethesdiologist, Sharidon Healthcare of North Texas


“He gave us the best rate and our closing costs were comparable to the major banks out there. So you know, he was excellent, his rate was amazing and he’s just been a great person to work with. I have no complaints. We wish that we had gone with Drake sooner. We just had a really good experience with him and his team.”
Dr. S.P., University of Washington Boise Internal Medicine


Saenz“I truly cannot thank Drake and his team enough for all of their hard work in allowing us to buy our first home! As brand new physicians who just graduated from medical school, it was a dream of ours to buy a home but we knew there were going to be many obstacles along the way. Drake and his team lead us through the entire process with patience and diligence and we cannot be happier with our experience. From initial phone call to signing paper work, Drake and his team were always available for questions and clarification of the process. We were able to buy a beautiful home in Tucson, Arizona and could not have done it without Drake’s help.”
Jessica August-Saenz, M.D. and J. Anthony Saenz, M.D., University of Arizona Medical Center


“Thanks Josh, you made this so incredibly easy (MUCH easier than my previous loan). I will definitely refer my colleagues to you.”
Dr. Chad Spain, M.D., Family Practitioner, Intermountain Health Care


“I have been very satisfied with the Physician Group. Definitely would recommend you guys. I spoke with one of friends who is just starting a job as an emergency physician in Utah and is interested in hearing what you have to offer. He gave me permission to have you contact him.”
Jonathan Gochnour, M.D., Emergency Physician, Regional West Medical Center


“Today we were able to close on our home and sign all the documents. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved. Mostly to Brandon who admittedly considered buying a room size white board to make my loan happen ever since our first communication clear back in December. I’m sure my phone calls were not always the most pleasant and full of questions, but Brandon was nothing but pleasant and professional throughout. I also want to thank Josh for stepping in at the end to make sure we got this done. Once again, thank you from both me and my wife. Good luck with the other 100+ closings this month.”
Eric Lindley, MD, Interventional Cardiology Fellow 2014-2015, University of Utah Medical Center Division of Cardiovascular Medicine


“We loved working with Drake. He was very prompt answering all of our questions and walking us through the loan process. I will definitely recommend him to others who are considering these loans.”
James Jordan, MD, Neurohospitalist, Everett Clinic


“We really enjoyed working with Camille. We sold our home quickly, 6 days after it was listed, so needed our home loan for the purchase to be processed smoothly and efficiently. Camille understood my schedule as working physician and came in to meet with us for the first time on a Sunday. We were financed and ready to close in less than a month from the time we met her. She was patient and communicated all of our potential loan options clearly, which allowed us to consider them all and choose what worked best for our family. She was very responsive to all of our questions, and took a lot of the stress out of the process. I couldn’t have imagined a more pleasant experience.”
Dr. Kencee Graves, Internal Medicine – Assistant Professor (Clinical), University of Utah School of Medicine


“From my very first email/phone call to Drake, he was professional and courteous. He understood and had compassion for the ‘time crunch’ we were under and seamlessly made our loan happen! He was always available by phone or email and we could not be happier with the service we received from him directly and all of his colleagues at his firm. We will most definitely recommend Drake to others!”
Dr. Kristophe Karami, Neurosurgeon, Kaiser Permanente OR


“I have purchased multiple homes in the past and have not had a better experience from any prior mortgage company. Drake was responsive and personable throughout the whole process and was supported by a team that stepped in and knew what was going on anytime he was away. I enthusiastically recommend Drake and his team for anyone looking for a home mortgage.”
Dr. Jim Eaton, Radiologist, VA Hospital, Spokane, Washington


“I had a great experience! Sheila kept me in the loop with the whole process. No complaints at all. Thanks guys.”
Tyler Anderson, Larson Financial Group,The Physicians Specialist®


“I called Brandon Hatfield when another lender had denied our loan in underwriting because of my husband’s dental school loans. Brandon not only secured our financing with no hidden fees and at a great interest rate, but he did it so quickly that we were still able to close on time! Brandon and his team’s level of customer service far exceeded our expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Kristin and Brett Stallings, DDS, Muscogee (Creek) Nation


“Camille did a fantastic job helping us get our home financed. Our construction loan was not typical and we had gotten a lot of run around from other lenders. They did not take into consideration what terms we wanted for our home loan and kept sending us options that were easiest for them to push through. Camille was wonderful. She found a loan product that fit our needs. She was great at keeping in close contact with us and making sure we fully understood what stage our financing was in and what additional documentation we needed to provide to push things forward.”

“Camille was personable and easy to talk to. She never pushed us to sign or do anything with which we were uncomfortable. We will definitely go through her when we need our next property financed and will be sure to refer our friends and family to her as well.”
Katie and Dr. Kent Hart, E.R. Physician, Emergency Physicians Integrated Care


“Drake and his team were wonderful to work with. Everything went very smoothly for us. I would definitely work with them again!”
Kim Cannon and Dr. Daniel Cannon, ENT Physician, Mid-Columbia Medical Center


“My experience was great. Everyone was very helpful. I appreciated Evelyn coming to the closing and answering questions as we went along. Thanks again!”
Dr. Dan Thunell, DDS, Wasatch Periodontics


“Drake was fantastic, always responsive and creative with strategy.”
Bruce MacWilliams, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Utah Orthopaedics


“We had a great experience buying our home with David Nelson and team. Emails were answered promptly and everything went very smoothly. The final cost came in under the estimate as well, which was a nice surprise. I would recommend them to others.”
Danielle and Dr. Mark Rowan, Pediatrician, Alpine Pediatrics


“Was efficient and easy to work with. Seemed to be organized in getting information needed. Set things up and followed through. Very positive.”
Dr. Patrick Greis, Professor, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Utah Orthopaedic Center


“We had a great experience!!!! Thanks a million for all of your help! We are still underwater with the move, but are loving the house. Bless you and your staff!”
Dr. Gladys Tse, OB/GYN Physician, USMD/MCNT


“The process of buying a home is arduous and exhausting. Matt Smith and his team were persistent and helpful.”
Dr. Adam Bell, General Surgeon, Valley Medical Center


“We had a great experience with Drake and his team. We were completely new to the process and he made us feel comfortable from beginning to end. Ryan Davis deserves recognition as well for keeping us informed, handling our unique situation, and providing great guidance. We would definitely recommend this team to anyone needing a Physician Home Loan.”
Dr. Jessica August, Resident Physician, and Dr. Anthony Saenz, Jr., Resident Physician, University of Arizona Medical Center


“Matt Smith and his team were great. They delivered like they promised and got the job done.”
Joshua Slade and Dr. Chelsea Slade, McKay Dee Hospital


“We lived clear across the United States from where we were building our home and the team made the entire thing hassle free doing everything via email. This was our first home purchase and they were able to keep our minds at ease and answer all of our questions.”
Jason Pursley Parker and Dr. Ryon Parker, Southern Nevada Internal Medicine


“I am an extremely critical individual when it comes to customer service, and take my judgments in this area very seriously. I am continuously evaluating various areas of service I receive including: communication clarity, communication timeliness, level of respect for clients, degree of perceived effort put forth on behalf of the client, knowledge and ability in professional sphere, response to crisis or unexpected circumstances, organizational structure of team, delivering upon understood expectations, etc.

I would rate the Physician group and Josh in particular at near the highest possible level in all of these areas, and an example of the type of service I am looking for in all of my professional interactions. I was extremely impressed with Josh’s implementation of his obviously high-level personal talents. He is bright, knowledgeable, agile, and appears sincerely interested in the best interests of his clients. Even with their best efforts and intentions, I sincerely doubt there are many competitors who are even capable of matching Josh’s performance in this profession.

His talents are formidable. I fully expect that he will continue to be extremely successful in his business. I look forward to offering referrals indefinitely.”
Dr. Michael Warden, University of Utah School of Medicine, Resident Physician


“I had a great experience with Josh. He was friendly, approachable and extremely helpful. I was especially impressed with how quickly he replied to my questions. I was buying a home in new construction and I had a lot of questions about the differences in loan specifics which he was quick to answer. I was working with him while I was in a different time zone on the east coast but he seemed to always be available at any time of the day. I appreciated that he was able to get me a specific loan for my situation which for me was a physician loan. My realtor was also very impressed with his work. I would recommend this group for anyone.”
Dr. Scott Parker, Resident Physician, University of Utah School of Medicine


“Sarah and I were getting fed up with the run-around from other lenders. We wanted to buy a house after I graduated medical school, and we didn’t think that getting a loan would be difficult since I would be making an income as a resident, then become a physician in three years. I had a residency contract stating how much I would earn, but that wasn’t enough for the lenders we went to.”

We tried two conventional banks, and after spending several weeks frantically filling out paperwork and scanning hundreds of pages, we were rejected based on either my student loan debt or the fact I would not have a paycheck until July 14th. We wanted to move into our house before residency started! After our second loan application was turned down, I felt hopeless. I called another bank asking if someone specialized in physician loans, and the lady said she had done one in her ten years.

We wanted a house to raise our family in and we had the finances for it, we were just being overlooked by underwriters who didn’t consider my earning potential in the future. After looking on White Coat for advice on home loans, I saw that Dr. Dahle recommended this company, as he had several great experiences with them. I called Drake, where I told him I was a graduating medical student and how I could not get a loan. He told me, ‘Steven, you’re in No-Man’s-Land. You don’t have a paycheck, so nobody wants to lend to you, and if you did find somebody who would, they look at your student loan debt and turn you away.’ Drake was able to explain how his company had underwriters who didn’t see physicians as everyday people. His company specializes in physician loans, and his underwriters have completed hundreds of loans for doctors (not one, like the other bank).

At first I was nervous that I had shown my cards, telling him that I went to two lenders and they both rejected me, and I was expecting an outrageous rate and costs on the loan, but I was completely wrong. He gave us a better rate than the other banks were offering, and the costs were comparable. We had to fill out paperwork again, but this time, we trusted that Drake and his associates were going to get the job done. If we had any questions, Drake was quick to personally answer the phone.

When choosing a lender, I didn’t understand how important availability would be, but when you have a burning question late at night and you have to work a 12 hour shift the next day, you don’t want to put it on the back-burner. Drake and his staff have been terrific, and I highly recommend them to other physicians, especially graduating medical students, before they get the run-around with lenders.”
Dr. Steven E. P., University of Washington Boise Internal Medicine


“Thank you for giving me an opportunity to tell you and others how much I appreciated all the work that Josh and the team put in to assisting me. I have to say that Josh was absolutely wonderful to work with. This has been something that I have been wanting to do for some time, but found that I needed to do a few things before I could get my credit score where it needed to be. Josh walked me through the process, gave me suggestions and always made sure to follow up with me from time to time to see how I was coming along. It was much appreciated. Being first time home buyer can be very stressful – your team made the process very easy and worry free.”
Dr. Camille Williams


“I promise to refer any of my friends who are looking for a home to you guys! You guys were seriously great and super quick so thank-you so so much!!! ?? ”
Dr. Daniel and Amber Patty


“I just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work and helping us secure funding for our new house! We are super excited and you and your team made the entire process painless. We plan to use you in the future and will definitely send all of our referrals in your direction. We appreciate you working with our situation and still securing us such a great loan. I don’t know if you advertise with the U of U, but each year there are hundreds of MDs that start their residency at the U of U and getting the Medical education department to include your site and information in their welcome to Utah packets would be a great opportunity for future business.”
Dr. RJ Willmore


“We wish we would have found this team sooner. As recent graduates of a graduate program we had accumulated A LOT of student loan debt. We found the house we wanted to buy and thought things were going to work out fine. They didn’t however, due to issues with the students loans. We tried 5 other bank/lenders before we finally found Josh and his team. They knew exactly how to get a home loan done for our situation. They were fantastic and kept us up to date throughout the whole process. One of the team members even sat and listened while I had a break down after hitting what I thought was going to be another ‘no’ ending. She reassured me that they were there to help us get this done.”

“I am so happy that after 9 months of waiting and trying again and again with various companies I can finally the house is ours! This team was the one that finally got us to be able to close, and just after a few short weeks. We plan on staying in this home for a long time, but if I ever needed a loan again I wouldn’t hesitate to call them. The Josh Mettle team is a well oiled machine that gets things done!”
Dr. David and Nicole Felt


“We had a great experience with Josh Mettle and his team. Josh was extremely thorough as he prepared us for our loan. He made sure we did all we needed to do with our finances in order to get our loan approved. His advice was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and due to his expertise, we were able to get our loan and close on our house when needed. We also felt very valued as he kept in close contact with us and made sure we were well informed through the process. He made himself available and was patient as we had questions throughout the process. We will definitely refer Josh and his team to our friends and family who will need assistance with home loans in the future. We will also make sure that we use Josh for any future purchases ourselves. Very happy with the process and very happy to be in our home!”
Dr. Casey and Haley Bachison


“My experience with Josh and his team was great. During this time when lending can be difficult, Josh and his team went the extra mile for us in order to not only get our loan approved and funded but to get us a great rate in the process. The loan process was frustrating at times but Josh was quick to address our concerns and put us at ease. Thank you, Josh and team for your efforts and we love our new home. Of course I will pass your name along for reference to any friends and family that may be in need of a home loan.”
Dr. Stu Segura, DDS


“Josh did a phenomenal job interacting with me as his client. He was ALWAYS right on-point and knowledgeable. But more importantly, he possesses the skill sets to explain the landscape in a way that makes sense to someone who doesn’t deal in these transactions every day. Further, he always answers his phone and gets back immediately on requests. My transaction seemed more complex than most, and it had some unexpected surprises, including a significant error from an underwriter which made the transaction even more stressful. Through the entire process, Josh was the voice of reason and the knowledgeable subject matter expert that I needed in my corner to successfully navigate the unexpected surprises.”
Justin Calapp, Ph.D.


“My family and I moved to Utah about 3 years ago from Virginia. We knew we would have to replace certain contacts and professionals in our lives, namely doctors, dentists, bankers, etc. What we didn’t consider was a lender we could trust who had our best interest as a priority. Back in Virginia we had always used a friend of the family who we had known for years. Here in Utah we were faced with filtering through all the potential companies to find someone we felt comfortable with. Luckily, our real estate agent gave us a recommendation and after a brief conversation I knew we had found someone here in Utah we could trust. We have used Josh and his team twice now (original loan on our home and a re-finance) and both experiences were great. I could use a bunch of adjectives to describe what they are like, but the most important thing to me was the responsiveness when we have questions, problems, or need answers on something. Everything I’ve ever asked for has been done. If I ever call or send an email, I get a response immediately. These are the things I appreciate most about Josh and his team.

“My personal experience on getting a loan is a lot like raising kids. As soon as you say you are involved, everyone has advice for you on what to do. I must have had 25-30 friends and colleagues tell me where to go to get the best rate. Normally I’m the type of person to shop around for a good deal. Not in this case though – Josh is our lender and will continue to be as long as we are in Utah.”
Dr. John Yates


“They were great. Very responsive, efficient, and friendly.”
Dr. Tyler Yeates, PC Anesthesiologist


“My wife and I had a GREAT experience with Drake and his team. Drake is very professional and genuine; and did everything he could to help us get a mortgage when no one else would. His team worked quickly and diligently, allowing us to close on our first home just 33 days after our offer was accepted. Even our Real Estate agent mentioned that she will keep Drake in her contacts for future clients. We would definitely work with Drake again in the future, and will not hesitate to recommend Drake and his team to our friends!”
Dr. Khoa Tran & Dr. Bailey Pope, Oregon Health and Science University


“Thanks Josh! We really appreciate all of your help and keeping on top of things for us. We have been extremely happy with our service so far! We are happy to recommend you to all of our physician friends looking to purchase!”
Dr. Joshua Fuller and Michelle Fuller, Pediatric Care Inc.


“THANKS again! Like I said, we LOVE our new home! I’ve been recommending you to all of my resident friends looking to buy homes!”
Dr. Lana McGill


“I wanted to thank you and your team for all of your assistance and support in securing financing for our recent home purchase. I especially appreciated your communication and thoughtfulness throughout the process. Rest assured that I will be referring friends and colleagues your way in the year ahead. Best wishes for a healthy and fruitful 2014! I look forward to working with you again soon.”
Dr. David Hans, CRC Health Group


“We found Arizona Physician Home Loans (our sister site) online and I called them up to ask them if it would be a problem because of my high debt to income ratio and they said, ‘No problem. We deal with this all the time.’ And I was shocked at how easy the experience was. With Arizona Physician Home Loans it was simple. I sent it once and it was done and they told us when we were closing and took care of everything. It was really pretty easy. I would go to them again. In fact in the next five years we’ll probably upgrade to a different house and they’re the first company I’ll call. You really should go through Arizona Physician Home Loans. It was a painless process. You owe it to yourself to at least give them a call.”
Dr . Jay and Jennifer Larson


“We have been very impressed with Josh and his team. In fact, I first learned of Josh through one of my physician clients. The feedback was so outstanding that I decided to contact Josh directly and meet. Since that time, we have been extremely impressed with Josh’s knowledge, customer service and strong desire to continually do what is right for his clients. As a result, we have been referring our clients to Josh and the feedback continues to be exceptional!”
Jeff Zesiger, Vice President – Utah Medical Association Financial Services


Dr. Caitlin Parker physician mortgage
“Josh and his team were incredibly professional and handled all of our paperwork in a timely fashion. The whole team was very detail oriented throughout the entirety of our pre-approval process and was a pleasure to work with on all accounts. I will absolutely be recommending Fairway to my peers and colleagues who are looking to buy a home.”
Dr. Caitlin Parker and Scott Parker, Taylorsville, Utah


Ellsworth Testimonial“Matt Smith and the team at Fairway made our home buying experience great. They communicated with us every step of the way, made adjustments quickly as needed and were knowledgeable and professional throughout the process. We’d definitely choose to use them as our lender again and would recommend them to anyone!”
Dr. German Ellsworth, M.D. and Melissa Ellsworth, Intermountain Healthcare, Layton, Utah


“We were referred to Fairway by our financial adviser. Working with Josh Mettle made the mortgage process feel easier for us since this was our first home. He was in constant communication with us and answered all of our rookie questions clearly and with respect. Our process went smoothly. We appreciated the informational videos and with each step in the mortgage process, we were advised on how far we had to go and what to expect next. Deciding on what house to buy was far more difficult than the process of buying it. Thank you Josh!”
Dr. Brett Martindale and Britney Martindale, Ogden Clinic, Ogden, Utah


Dendinger family“We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Fairway. Ross Zimmerman was great to work with and kept us informed during every step of the process. Our realtor and title company even commented on how smoothly the loan process went. Thanks again, we love our new home.”
Dr. Jacob Dendinger, Madison, Wisconsin

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