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5 Reasons Why You’re Leaving Money on the Table if You Don’t Use a Dental Real Estate Broker

5 Reasons Why You’re Leaving Money on the Table if You Don’t Use a Dental Real Estate Broker

2/26/2019 4:17:08 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 29

You’re a busy dental professional looking to rent or buy office space. Everything about it needs to be right. 

The location. 

The look and the feel of the space. 

How things improve patient flow.

Everything needs to work together like a well-tuned orchestra.

How a space is configured even affects mood. Get everything right, and you make a patient’s first impression of your practice a good one. Because exceptional environments create exceptional patient experiences. You have a lot on the line when you’re in the market for new space. Despite this, you might think you can negotiate on your own.

In the end, you're going to need an experienced broker. Someone who understands the complex world of commercial real estate inside and out. This is a world so confusing, even the savviest of medical professionals can get completely overwhelmed.

Here are 5 reasons you should never go it alone:

1. The landlord knows the market—you don’t.

You’re busy running your practice. So, you probably haven’t taken the time to acquire the market knowledge you need to make good real estate decisions.

But landlords have…because this is their bread and butter. They know the market inside and out.

And they’re counting on the fact that you don’t. 

This leaves you vulnerable to the sleazy machinations of unscrupulous property owners. By having an experienced representative by your side, you won’t get taken advantage of.

2. The landlord is an expert negotiator—you’re not.    

On paper, deciding to not use a realtor might sound like a wonderful idea. It might even make you more desirable in the landlord’s eyes. But that’s not exactly a good thing.

When a landlord realizes you don’t have anybody to represent you, he’ll pounce on you like a lion on a gazelle. Landlords have perfected their negotiating skills to a razor-sharp point.

Furthermore, they hire leasing agents to help them negotiate.

Your landlord thinks it’s a good idea HE has representation. You’d be foolish not to have some yourself. Without representation, you won’t be seen as a serious negotiating partner. So, you won’t earn his respect. When you use a broker, everything changes.

Because with a skilled broker in your corner, the landlord suddenly sees you as an equal. Your focus is on your practice (as it should be). You don’t need the added stress of figuring out how negotiations work. Without an expert by your side, there’s an excellent chance the landlord will take you to the cleaners.

There’s a lot at stake here.

If you try to do it yourself, you’ll get in way over your head. This mistake could be costly…to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. But why would you even think of doing that?

Our fees come out of your landlord’s pockets—not yours. So, our services won’t cost you a penny!

3. Hiring a medical commercial real estate broker saves you time.

If you don’t use a broker, things can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

Inspections have to be completed.

City zoning laws need to be reviewed.

Property tours need to be scheduled.

Terms need to be negotiated and then renegotiated.

Documentation needs to be written and filed.

Build-out provisions need to be agreed upon. And offers need to be made. So much to do.You’ll be completely swamped by everything that needs doing. That is, unless you happen to have the specialized knowledge to navigate this treacherous terrain. A medical commercial broker has this specialized knowledge. And he’ll leverage his considerable experience to get you the best deals.

The end result?  He gets everything done in the least amount of time.

4. Without a medical commercial real estate broker, you have zero listing access.

In residential real estate, anyone can look at the MLS and do their own searches.

In commercial real estate, things are a little different.

You’re not allowed to use the listing platforms unless you’re a licensed broker. This makes it difficult for the prospective tenant to acquire accurate and timely market information.  

The only way you’ll know what’s available is to drive around town and look at the “for sale” signs. I’m sure you can think of better uses of your time! Let us do the looking for you.  We have unlimited access to the real estate databases.

This means we’ll be able to sift through the possibilities and find those deals that are perfect for you. 

5. Medical commercial brokers have awesome networks.


A commercial broker is well-connected. Over the years, he’s cultivated an awesome network of professionals of all kinds. And, he’s constantly in contact with these people. He lets them know which deals he’s working on and this helps him to:

  • Get you access to deals not yet available to others
  • Let you know of listings he’s acquired
  • Get the funding you need

Using his network streamlines the whole process. This makes everything quicker and easier.

What We Can Do for You

At HPRG, we make everything easy for you. We’ll put your mind at ease as we take charge of the whole process. Then you can breathe a sigh of relief. HPRG only focuses on the dental and medical commercial industry. So, we’re in a better position to help you than companies who don’t specialize. You need an expert like us on your side to protect you.

 So you’re not leaving money on the table. You wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon to have a tooth pulled. Nor should you go it alone.

You have a choice.

You can spend endless hours on the phone…visiting and evaluating sites…poring over zoning laws and endless documentation. All this takes you away from your practice…and what you do best.

 Or, you can hire us, and let us do what WE do best. 

Call us today at 301-571-9333. 


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