Dentaltown 20 Year Anniversary
Dentaltown 20 Year Anniversary
Dentaltown celebrates 20 years since the online community started back in 1999.

16 Years of Townie Meeting

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Townie Meeting

The very first Townie meeting—back then known as the Dentaltown Gathering (and sometimes referred to as the Dentaltown Extravaganza) —was held at the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on Feb. 6–8, 2003. The vision of founders Dr. Sameer Puri and Dr. Tarun Agarwal was to create a dental meeting where participants could attend cutting edge continuing education courses, have time to socialize, and meet fellow practitioners with the same interests. Sam and T-Bone, as they were called, met on the message boards and, after conversing online for several months, decided it would be great to meet in person, and so the Townie Meeting was born. 

“We planned for 250 people to show up. We had 900 in attendance. Tarun and I didn’t know what to expect. It was really unreal.,” said Dr. Sameer Puri. 

Thanks to the message boards, it was one of the only meetings where everyone knew each other before coming to the event and almost every speaker at that first Dentaltown Gathering had over 1,000 message board posts (which was a lot back then). 

“It was so incredible to sit and listen to a speaker that you already knew better than your next- door neighbor,” said Dr. Howard Farran.

Now, each year Townies from coast to coast (and even some from abroad) come together for Townie Meeting—the best dental party in the world … with some great CE tossed in. 


Townie Meeting through the years…

2003 at the Flamingo
Townie Meeting
Dr. Tarun Agarwal, Dr. Sameer Puri, Elvis and Dr. Howard Farran


2004 at the Aladdin
Townie Meeting
The Dentaltown Blues Breakers Band performing at 2nd annual Townie Meeting


2005 at the Rio
Townie Meeting
Townies at the Shagadelic Townie Groovefest Opening Party


2006 at the Rio

16 Years of Townie Meeting
Party goers dancing at the “Townie Prom” at the Voo Doo Lounge high atop the Rio hotel


2007 at the Paris Hotel
16 Years of Townie Meeting
Dr. Don McNamara and his wife at the Party like a Rockstar party on Thursday night


2008 at the Rio

16 Years of Townie Meeting
Townies Miguel and Cletus happy to see each other again.


2009 at Caesars Palace

16 Years of Townie Meeting
The three Howards; Howard Goldstein, Howard Farran, Howie Horrocks


2010 at the Mirage

16 Years of Townie Meeting
Many nights were spend chatting at the hotel bar after the day’s Townie Meeting festivities ended.


2011 at Caesars Palace

16 Years of Townie Meeting
Being reunited with your Dentaltown bestie… priceless.




2012 at the Cosmopolitan

16 Years of Townie Meeting
Dr. Howard Farran opens the show at the 10
th Annual Townie Meeting


2013 at Planet Hollywood

16 Years of Townie Meeting
Winners of the Stamp Card drawing held during the Closing Beer Bash


2014 at the Cosmopolitan
16 Years of Townie Meeting

Dr. Natalie Peterson (JustNat) gets married at Townie Meeting by Officiant Howard Farran!


2015 at the Bellagio

16 Years of Townie Meeting
Getting the crowd going during the Friday morning general session



2016 at the Cosmopolitan

16 Years of Townie Meeting
Dr. Stephen Seidler and his staff enjoying the Wine and Cheese Welcome Reception



2017 at Caesars Palace

16 Years of Townie Meeting
Black and White: Anything Goes Opening Party on the rooftop of the LINQ hotel


2018 at the Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando, Florida
16 Years of Townie Meeting
Keynote speaker Dr. Gordon Christensen lecturing to a packed house



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