Growth and Prosperity in Your Practice
Growth and Prosperity in Your Practice
Everything you need to know to have a successful practice
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Don't Forget To Keep Moving- (Even Though Nobody Really Likes Change)
 Let me start with the following sayings: ·         Change is only the constant in life. ·         Human beings are creatures of habit. ·         You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks. ·         Real change is hard. You’ve heard them all, and so often that it is hard to remember that beneath their...  Read More
This past weekend we attended the DEO (Dental Entrepreneur Organization) spring meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. For those of you who are not familiar with DEO, it is an Oregon-based service group helping multi-practice owners and single practice owners who want to acquire more offices. DEO makes...  Read More
Patient Communication: What Will it be Like in the Future?
Our world is constantly changing and evolving to improve the lives of humans. Technology has saved lives by its advances in medicine, it has changed the ways of communication, and it has changed education. We are so busy with work, our families and hobbies that there is just not enough time in the...  Read More
On the DentalTown message board, I read again and again about the struggle the front desk staff has when the practice kicks up its advertising campaign and telephone traffic increases. Many of you are thinking, “Wow, I wish I had that problem,” but seriously, it is a real issue that can backfire...  Read More
A lot of times, I talk to Doctors and office managers that say “We are not a very busy office” on the first sales call. My initial thought after hearing this is always, Is that by choice? I go on to ask how they market the practice, what their referral programs are like, how often is the office...  Read More
What To Look For In A Good Front Ofice Worker
Selecting the right front office team members is considered by many as almost an afterthought because practice owners expend so much energy in building efficient and professional back office staff. But as Lynette frequently reminds her practice management clients, the public will never get to...  Read More
In every dental publication, forum or blog, dentists are bombarded by the necessity of marketing their practices to the public. Every marketing agent from billboards and postcards to algorithm-driven social media campaigns are pushing their wares, guaranteeing results from their media-generated...  Read More
Finding Good Employees- Making It Easier For Everyone
Across the board, ask any businessperson which part of business is the most challenging and one resounding response will come back: EMPLOYEES! It is a general complaint and it covers a multitude of iniquities on the part of the employee and on the part of the employer. When I say the employees...  Read More
Stress in Dentistry
It is clear that most dentists experience some sort of stress daily. They may be worried that they are missing too many calls which equals missed opportunities. They may worry that their staff members are too busy or too distracted to do their job to the best of their ability. Whatever the cause of...  Read More

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