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Dentistry has turned into a series of short term impersonal transactions. This blog is about growing a profitable, health focused dental practice without feeling so greasy!
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Nicotine Coated Floss
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Dr. FWT sorting his mail.
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The three things to do if your practice is financially unstable.
Turbulent cash flow, surprise expenditures, or a lull in production can all make you feel like your practice is going off the rails, financially speaking. Because so many independent variables are involved in our practice’s cash flow, it is easy to become overwhelmed. So you could struggle...  Read More
One Way to Tell If You Have the Most Welcoming Dental Practice in Your Area
On Today's episode, I discuss simple ways to build through relationships within your community. More often than not, tips about building your practice involve gimmicky, short-term ideas that ultimately do not bring in the type of business for which one would hope. Click below to listen to today's...  Read More
A simple way to decide what to pay yourself as a dentist this year.
Owning and practicing in your own business has many challenges. One of the toughest is knowing how much you should pay yourself. Pay yourself too much and you compromise the cash flow needs of the practice. Pay yourself too little and you can’t meet your personal overhead requirements. ...  Read More
What an Amazing Hibachi Chef Knows That Could Totally Change Your Practice Numbers
Today's podcast is about what an amazing hibachi chef knows about customer service that could totally change your dental practice numbers. As dentists,we desperately want our patients to understand how incredibly and deeply dedicated we are to the quality of what we do. Click to the link below to...  Read More
Does Nostradamus work in your dental practice?
What to do with the team member who mistakenly believes that doomsday prophecies should be their contribution to the change effort. I’ll never forget that ominous day in fifth grade social studies class. Although it was almost thirty years ago, I still carry around the hauntingly fresh memory...  Read More
The worst dental award you can win.
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How TJ Maxx Nearly Ruined My Practice
Click here if you'd like to hear my podcast about how a discount retailer almost did me in when I started my practice. #healthyteam  Read More
So, how healthy are your patients?
“Ummm, well, all of them I think…Very healthy—I mean, we provide the highest quality of care, and I just took a class on case presentation and cosmetic braces. Not only that, I have several professional affiliations. I’m an occlusion expert and mount all of my models. We...  Read More
Did you finish dental school in the dark?
We start turning care into a checklist before we even have our dental license. Remember the joyous 11th hour race to finish requirements!? #healthyteam  Read More
My startup story! Five dental startup lessons that will add up to gazillions in your career
My first practice startup had plenty of lessons (good and bad). Whether you are just thinking of starting up or you are years into practice, there's some goodness in this podcast for everyone.   Read More
The Five Reasons Your Employees Don’t Work Together As A Team.
There are few things as satisfying as being a part of a successful and well-aligned team. Maybe you’ve been on a terrific athletic squad that prevailed over a more talented but less coordinated team. Maybe you’ve connected with some incredible diversely talented partners in a work...  Read More
Remember when you couldn’t wait to begin your dental career?
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