Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
This teaches the best practices for cash flow, recurring revenue, Membership plans, PPO Fee negotiation, insurance best practices, marketing, reducing your dependence on dental insurance and building a fee for service practice.
Jordon Comstock

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Episode 11: Alternative Financing with Bruce Thompson
bruce Bruce Thompson is the reason Ben Tuinei and Jordon Comstock connected. Without Bruce’s networking efforts the stars wouldn’t be shining on this podcast! With already 20,000 regular listeners to this podcast...  Read More
Episode 10: Listen to This Before You Drop Insurance Plans! Weston Lunsford of Dental Intel
dental intel As CEO of Dental Intelligence, Weston oversees the strategic direction of the company and its products. He manages Dental Intelligence’s revenue growth and future expansion plans. He also dedicates a large...  Read More
Episode 9: First Impressions, Not Insurance, Influence Case Acceptance with Lorraine Guth
guth Lorraine Guth started out as a dental assistant at the age of 17. Although her job consisted of the “dirty work” like cleaning out suction, plaster traps and dip tanks, she quickly fell in love with dentistry....  Read More
Episode 8: The ProCare Insurance Replacement System – No Claims Necessary!
procare-replay The Revolution is here folks! Imagine a future that reduces the need for you to submit claims. Imagine a future where you don’t have to be on hold for hours each day to fight claims. For years many though...  Read More
Episode 7: The Revolution! A Future in Dentistry That Does Not Involve Insurance or Claims Submission!
First of all, Quality Care matters! We believe dental insurance was an inspired effort to encourage the public to seek dental care and receive routine preventative care. Unfortunately, dental insurance has become increasingly difficult to manage within the dental practice. Too often do we...  Read More
Episode 6: A Replay of the 7 Steps to Negotiating PPO Fees by Ben Tuinei
Ben Tuinei 3rd party payor negotiating, more specifically Dental Insurance Fee Negotiations, is still a foreign concept to dentists nationwide, and worldwide. Mr. Tuinei has spent the last 10 years improving and perfecting...  Read More
Episode 5: Policing Unethical and Illegal Practices by Dental Insurance Carriers with Tessina Barney
Tessina Barney is a high powered dental office manager in Salem Utah. She assists in managing the Utah Chapter of the Academy of Dental Office Managers (UDOLLS). Tessina explains her experience in policing unethical and illegal insurance practices by a particularly large national insurance...  Read More
Episode 4: The Power of Medical and Dental Cross Coding with Christine Taxin
taxin Christine Taxin is the founder and president of Links2Success, a practice management consulting company to the dental and medical fields. Prior to starting her own consulting company Ms. Taxin served as an administrator...  Read More
Episode 3: The Keys to Successful SEO Marketing with Mike Pedersen
Mike Pederson - Dental Markeitng Mike Pedersen is the founder of The Dental Boost a leading-edge dental SEO and web design agency helping dentists attract more visitors and converting them into new patients. We met Mike...  Read More
Episode 2: Eliminating the Insurance Driven Mentality During Case Presentation with Alan Hollander
Case Presentation with Alan Hollander Alan Hollander began consulting healthcare professionals as an individual in 1985. Nine years later, with a team of over 50 and a roster of thousands of clients, the company had become...  Read More
Episode 1: Capturing The Uninsured with Jordon Comstock of BoomCloud
Episode: 1 Capturing The Uninsured with Jordon Comstock As we introduce the Say No to PPO’s Podcast Series we discuss an area of great opportunity within each dental practices. In our estimation over half of the public...  Read More
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