Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
This teaches the best practices for cash flow, recurring revenue, Membership plans, PPO Fee negotiation, insurance best practices, marketing, reducing your dependence on dental insurance and building a fee for service practice.
Jordon Comstock

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Episode 36: The Elevated Patient Experience with Chris Brown, MBA, PhD
                                       chris brown                            Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Utah Valley University, an MBA from Thunderbird University, a Master’s in Research Methods from Cranfield University (England), and a PhD from the...  Read More
Episode 35: Genius Marketing Advice from a Guinness World Record holder, Minal Sampat RDH
minal Minal Sampat is a marketing consultant, public speaker, registered dental hygienist, digital media fanatic, and an enthusiastic shoe lover! As a practicing dental professional who is also married to a physician,...  Read More
Episode 34: Fee For Service Model Versus PPO Model with Jonathan VanHorn CPA
Vanhorn Jonathan created DentistMetrics to solve the problem facing many dentists – they have a complicated business and their time is stretched way too thin. Most dentists spend 15,000 hours learning to be a dentist...  Read More
Episode 33: Common Insurance Questions answered by Tessina Barney
tessina 33 During this episode Tessina answers several of the most common insurance related quetions sent to us by the listeners. Per popular request Tessina has been asked to make a 4th appearance on the podcast to address...  Read More
Episode 32: The Front Office May be Your First Line of Defense – with Laura Hatch
laura hatch Laura Hatch is the owner of and serves as an office manager at a Fee For Service she co-owns with her husband in San Diego. Having built a PPO practice in her husband between 2002 and 2005 in Baltimore; then...  Read More
Episode 31: The Principals of Influence with Dr. Christopher Phelps
phelps influence Dr. Phelps is a repeat guest of our podcast by popular vote. He appeared on Episode 12 where he talked about how to grow an in-house membership plan. We do discuss a lot about membership programs during this...  Read More
Episode 30: Eliminate Dental Insurance Forever with Dr. Mark Costes and Qadeer Ahmed
procare-mark-costes This episode is a reply of Dr. Mark Costes’ interview with Qadeer Ahmed of ProCare Dental Services. During this Episode, Dr Costes interviews Qadeer from a dentist perspective. Qadeer speaks about the...  Read More
Episode 29: Getting off of the PPO treadmill with Gary Kadi
kadi Gary Kadi is the CEO of Next Level Practice (). Known for his positive contributions to the lives of dentists and dental teams across the globe, Gary Kadi has been a devoted advocate for the whole of the dental community,...  Read More
Episode 28: How a Chat Function on Your Website Can Improve Your Marketing
chat Since the internet was created the world has become a much smaller place. The vast majority of the American public use technology as a means to make life or work more efficient. Despite the advances in technology, online...  Read More
Episode 27: Surviving PPO’s with Dr. David Maloley from the Relentless Dentist Podcast
maloley Dr. David is a practicing dentist in Vail Colorado. Yes that’s Vail where the famous Vail ski resort is located. Not only does Dr. David live the good life, he hosts a very popular podcast called the Relentless...  Read More
Episode 26: Bootstrapping it to Success! Our Stories of Success.
bootstrap Lately we’ve received a lot of emails from young doctors who are struggling to make ends meet. Jordan and Ben share their stories about when they opened their own businesses and the struggles they went through...  Read More
Episode 25: The Most Under-served Area of Dentistry Explained by Dr. Jason Campbell
jason Dr. Jason Campbell is a practicing general dentist in Prescott Arizona. Over the years and through personal experience, Dr Campbell discovered an extremely under-served area of dentistry. He refers to it as...  Read More
Episode 24: Identifying how and when to drop a PPO with Bill Rossi
rossi This episode provides pure education on how or when a dental office can drop certain PPO networks. In no way does this podcast support or promote PPO boycotting in any way. The intent of this podcast is to provide...  Read More
Episode 23: Procedures Often Go Unbilled to Insurance – How to Identify and Fix this Problem!
ta During this episode Tessina and Angie discuss the following issues: How to run reports to track if procedures have not been billed to insurance Billing procedures that are not covered to increase utilization and...  Read More
Episode 22: The “Bucket Business” Explained by our Beloved Hosts!
bucket Jordon is famous for quoting his story building a pipeline. The model for most successful businesses is building a reoccurring revenue stream. Costco, Amazon, Sirius, and many other organizations have figured out how...  Read More
Episode 21: Myths and Legends about Billing Patients Lab Fees, Material Fees, Upgrades, and Cosmetic Fees
e:21 There are so many myths out there in the dental industry about what you can and cannot do in terms of direct patient billing as a participating provider of PPO’s. We’ve heard them all and wanted to give a few...  Read More
Episode 20: Demographics, Psycho-graphics, and true Market Research with Scott McDonald
demographics Scott McDonald is a professional market researcher. More than a demographer, he specializes in helping doctors know whether one site or location is better than another, to find places where they can thrive, and...  Read More
Episode 19: Does Billing UCR to Insurance Matter? With Tessina Barney and Angie Catmull
e-19 During this Episode Tessina and Angie give insight on the efficacy of billing your UCR’s to insurance. Many practices only bill their contracted PPO rates to insurance and this episode will explain why billing PPO...  Read More
Episode 18: Presenting Treatment from an Out-of-Network Perspective with Dr. Tanya Brown
brown Dr. Tanya Brown has worked in ALL ASPECTS of dentistry for over 25 years-from chair side dental assistant, to practice administrator, to owner dentist. She is still practicing dentistry & understands what it takes...  Read More
Episode 17: Key Insurance Knowledge Every Practice Needs to Know With Tessina Barney
Tessina Tessina Barney is our first repeat offender. If you go back to Episode 5 you can listen to her explain how she polices illegal and unethical practices by insurance carriers. During this episode, Tessina explains the...  Read More
Episode 16: PPO’s and Marketing – Proven Marketing Strategies with Brad Petersen and Rob Bay
brad Brad Petersen is the CEO of Sharp Edge Marketing Group, an leading marketing firm that helps dentists maximize their strategic and financial goals by proactively monitoring and managing their patient base. Sharp...  Read More
Episode 15: Accounts Receivables, Scheduling, and Insurance Factors that Hurt Us with Angie Catmull
angie Angie has been in dentistry for 31 yrs. She is President and co-founder of UDOLLS (Utah Dental Office Leaders Learning) in 2012 to share the things she has learned over the years with more dental colleagues. She started...  Read More
Episode 14: Capitalizing on your RevenueWell with Kelly Larson
revenuewell As a dental marketing director and a practice consultant, Kelly has more than 20 years of experience helping dentists and their teams develop practical, effective marketing strategies to both attract and retain...  Read More
Episode 13: For Every Dentist That Desires More Success in All Areas of Finance with Chris Torres
torres Chris Torres is a personal friend of Ben Tuinei. Chris is an insurance broker in Phoenix AZ who helps dentist establish Tax Saving and protection strategies. Chris has helped both Jordon and Ben with managing their...  Read More
Episode 12: How To Grow Your Dental Membership Plan with Dr. Chris Phelps
phelps Dr. Phelps is an entrepreneur and general dentist who owns multiple practices in the Charlotte, NC region. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1998 with a BS in Biology and in 2003 he...  Read More
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