Patient engagement, branding and technology content from Denteractive. Denteractive is a HIPAA compliant dentist patient communication platform, featuring video chat and instant messaging, document management, and visit tracking.
Reza Izadi DDS

Why Dentists Shouldn't Be Using Skype
HIPAA is quite serious about patient privacy being violated. You are familiar with the regulations by now and have most likely gone to great lengths to follow the law. You know that violations of HIPAA can and will result in penalties.Knowingly violating HIPAA can result in a minimum fine of...  Read More
Getting more new patients with Denteractive
The often misquoted, but well known saying of “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door,” may have been true in days gone by, but as a business owner, you know that it doesn’t really work that way any longer.You know you are a great dentist. You...  Read More
What is Denteractive?
If you haven’t heard about teledentistry, then you are missing out on one of the most exciting advances in dentistry in regards to patient care, retention, and management in many years. Telemedicine has been around for years, but Denteractive has taken teledentistry to a whole new level with...  Read More
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What is Teledentistry?
Teledentistry is a term you’ve probably been hearing more and more about. It’s a coined word to coincide with the ability to use your smartphone, laptop/desktop or tablet to communicate with your patients. Tele means “to or at a distance.” Teledentistry means the “Use...  Read More
HIPAA compliant video conferencing for dentists: why your practice must embrace it
In October of 2014, California became the fourth state to pass a law. Surely, this will open the door for private insurance companies to extend benefit coverage for TELEDENTISTRY.The number of dentists currently using video conferencing with their patients is steadily increasing. The exact number...  Read More
Why you should consider video chatting with your dentist
Teledentistry is a word you’ll be hearing more of. It simply means using your smartphone/tablet or laptop/desktop to talk to your dentist and to also give or receive files and documents.If you’ve never used the video chat feature on your phone or laptop, it’s as easy as making a...  Read More
How to be HIPAA compliant with video conferencing
What you need to know to be HIPAA compliant with your dental video conferencingYou've probably heard about this. As a dentist, you may already be using video conferencing in your practice. Either way, you need to make sure you are HIPAA compliant.What is HIPAA compliant video conferencing for...  Read More
Creating Value From Dental Patient Emergencies
Accommodating emergency patients, whether those who have been seeing you for a long timeornew prospects, can be a real challenge in our busy daily schedules. Unless you're set up to treat emergency cases on a regular basis, you are amongst a large percentage of dentists who prefer their routines...  Read More
What Makes You and Your Dental Practice Unique
We live in extraordinary times. Unlike a few years ago when online search options were narrower and more focused, we now live in the “Social” information age where optimized data is hard to sortfrom a plethora of facts and figures on the web. Consumers now have a difficult task finding...  Read More
How General Dentists Should Protect Themselves from Professional Liability Claims Pertaining to Periodontics
By Mahnaz Zandi, D.D.S., M.S., Board Certified Periodontist, Diplomat of the American Academy of PeriodontologyPractice in Century City, Calif., member of the Denteractive networkProfessional liability claims pertaining to periodontics are rising. These claims most commonly allege failure to...  Read More
By Mahnaz Zandi, D.D.S., M.S., Board Certified Periodontist, Diplomat of the American Academy of PeriodontologyPractice in Century City, Calif., member of the Denteractive networkProfessional liability claims pertaining to periodontics are rising. These claims most commonly allege failure to...  Read More
Six Cost-Effective Offline Ways to Attract More Patients
Last time, we discussed digital marketing tools to enhance your practice “brand”. But there are plenty of cost-effective ways to attract and retain patients in the offline world. Here are just a few that are often under-utilized: Since 95% of new patients call the office before they...  Read More
How to setup video call appointments for your dental practice with Denteractive™
UsingDenteractiveto video call with your patients and set appointments is fast and easy to use. This short video below will show you how to get up and running in no time.First access the login screen by clicking on the login tab located in the top right hand corner of the home screen. You’ll...  Read More
Developments Make It Valuable for Orthodontists, GPs and Pediatric dentists to Cooperate
The American Association of Orthodontists reported that the number of patients being treated by its 17,000 members increased by 20% between 2010 and 2012 to 5.9 million, a record 21% of them were adults! That’s only the tip of the Orthodontic iceberg! A third of Americans don’t see any...  Read More
The Endodontic Revolution Continuum
By Reza Izadi, D.D.S.As an endodontist with offices in Whittier and Lake Forest, it’s been our privilege to serve Southern California for more than a decade. Dr. Szeto and I have been fortunate to work with hundreds of colleagues to help your patients and provide solutions to special...  Read More
Digital Tools Can Personalize Your Practice Brand
What makes your practice unique? That’s the million dollar question which defines the foundation of your personal branding.Patients don’t know much about dentistry. A third of them don’t even go to a dentist once a year and most of the rest—even your current patients and...  Read More
Creating Harmony in Dental Care
The age of digital dentistry is here andis a platform to improve communication and collaboration between dentists and patients.Until recently, educating the public regarding oral health, or available dental care options, had been challenging: the subject was minimally taught in schools, there were...  Read More
Making a human connection in dentistry
Sometimes it’s important to be reminded that technology isn’t an end in and of itself, its real aim should be to try and make life better in the most important ways. It’s easy to get lost trying the latest apps, spending time browsing endless sites on ever-tinier subjects, or...  Read More

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