Robert G. Tupac, D.D.S., F.A.C.P.
Robert G. Tupac, D.D.S., F.A.C.P.
Dr. Tupac discusses prosthodontic and other dental cases as well as lupus.
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How Bulimia Damages Teeth
Bulimiais an eating disorder characterized by compulsive overeating followed by self-induced vomiting or laxative or diuretic abuse. The frequent purging results in a prolonged acidic environment in the mouth anddamages tooth enamel. This damage usually starts on tooth surfaces facing the inside of...  Read More
Your mouth is full ofbacteria--more than any other part of your body--because the digestive process starts there.lowers the bacterial count from tooth surfaces, but harmful bacteria can still cause gum inflammation.Gum diseasestarts with surfaceinflammation, then spreads deeper, until it can even...  Read More
At the end of the summer and with Labor Day coming soon, there is that one last trip to take advantage of outdoor activities and to get that last bit of a tan from the summer sun.There are waysoffrom UV rays and reduce your risk ofmelanoma: wear a sunscreen with anSPF of 30 or higher ...  Read More
Mice Genetic Mutations Also Found in Human Head and Neck Cancershas become one of the major thrusts in the medical treatment of disease entities.Now, there is a report from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The gene sequencing of mice infected with carcinogen-induced Murine...  Read More
After the age of 25, the male prostate gland begins to enlarge. This natural process is called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. The enlargement, in itself, does not lead to cancer. 50-60% of men may never develop any symptoms, but the most common are: hesitant or weak urination, urgency or...  Read More
...the bestwe can give in Bakersfield, California!Each dental office you may visit has its own character. That character is often defined in the office's mission statement, which reflects the doctor's and team's attitudes towards patients, their dental health, and the manner in which they will be...  Read More
Ais a dentist who has completed an additional three or four year American Dental Association accredited residency program after dental school. It includes lectures and seminars, and intensive laboratory and clinical experience.are experts in diagnosis, treatment planning and restorative procedures....  Read More
Dr. Lyndon Cooper's popularguidelines for treatment planning therapy in the edentulous mandible are designed to improve the success of both the implants and the prosthesis. The "rules" govern the biology and amount of bone necessary for the size of implants sufficient to support chewing forces. The...  Read More
There is no need to be edentulous. With conventionaloccurs. Because dentures are loose all the time, patients lose more than confidence, avoiding certain foods can lead to nutritional deficiencies, and an altered self-image causes an avoidance of social situations. Dentures restore only 15% of...  Read More
Removal of a boney tumor from the jaw leaves a large intraoral defect. It is the province of theto restore function and aesthetics for these patients.This gentleman lost 13 lower front teeth and a large volume of bone both vertically and horizontally. Instead of having to wear a removablewere...  Read More
An article in the AARP magazine notes that the average American has nine operations during a lifetime and suggests ways to shape up before surgery: Get blood sugar under control--a fasting blood glucose test will disclose elevated blood sugar levels, which, if untreated,triple the risk of...  Read More
We all know the mantra: "calories in, calories out." The idea is to expend more energy (calories) than you are taking in and you will. Also, as part of this particular equation, is the idea that it doesn't really matter what you eat, as long as you don't eat too much of it.More recent research...  Read More
As reportedby the,ateam of researchers from the University of Sydney, and other Australian and U.S. institutions, enrolled 273 aboriginal Australians who had periodontitis (advanced gum disease) in a parallel-group, randomized clinical trial. The difference between the two groups was that one...  Read More
The thyroid glandregulates body temperature and helps the heart utilize cholesterol.can order a thyroid panel to be performed on you in the laboratory.Hypothroidismis a common condition that can cause weight gain, fatigue, pale and cold skin, constipation, high cholesterol levels, weakness and...  Read More
have long recommended that adults, beginning at the age of 50, take a daily low-dose, or baby, aspirin for cardiovascular health.Now, theAnnals of Oncologyhas reported that for an individual aged 50 to 65 years at average risk who took aspirin daily for ten years over the fifteen year period, had a...  Read More
A paper in theNew England Journal of Medicinethat pooled data from 19 prospective studies that included1.46 million white adults compared BMI Index and mortality.The age of the adults ranged from 19 to 84, with a median of 58.ranged from 5 to 25 years in duration. The researchers took into account...  Read More
If you have only three front teeth instead of four, nobody else has to know! These beautifulwere made in our ownoffice laboratory by our master technician. Which prominentmovie starhas the same condition?Robert G. Tupac, DDS, FACP, Inc.,Diplomate, American Board of Prosthodontics(661) 325-1275...  Read More
In order to maintain his Board Certification in Prosthodontics,has to complete hours of continuing education yearly and in a ten year period, and pass a written recertification examination based on literature studies of the recent developments in the specialty of prosthodontics.Dr. Tupac passed...  Read More
A study inPigment Cell & Melanoma Researchreported the association of melanoma risk and the use of(SPF) 15 lotion.Researchers at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute used opossum pups: 174 as controls, 289 with plain lotion and 325 with lotion containing SPF 15, and then exposed them to...  Read More
We have the technology to take you from a complete denture to an implant supportedin a single appointment.This denture patient had a CAT Scan of her upper jaw. We applied a computer program to that scan to design implant locations, and a clear guide to be used in the mouth to place the implants...  Read More
As a Board Certified Prosthodontist, my experience has shown that the most predictable and effective method of replacing missing natural teeth is with. Here's an example of implants we have placed and restored in our office.Robert G. Tupac, DDS, FACP, Inc.,Diplomate, American Board of...  Read More
As a. In several lectures, I have postulated that every space can be filled with an implant. Here's an example of implants we have placed and restored in our office.Robert G. Tupac, DDS, FACP, Inc.,Diplomate, American Board of Prosthodontics(661) 325-1275 |5060 California Ave., #170, Bakersfield,...  Read More
When all of your upper teeth are missing, it's important that your implant supportedgive you the necessary lip support for a natural look. Check out this physician's upper All-on-4 bridge that we made in our office.Robert G. Tupac, DDS, FACP, Inc.,Diplomate, American Board of Prosthodontics(661)...  Read More
Sometimes the easiest way to replace missing front teeth is with a conventional removable. This patient's four front teeth are actually part of the partial.Robert G. Tupac, DDS, FACP, Inc.,Diplomate, American Board of Prosthodontics(661) 325-1275 |5060 California Ave., #170, Bakersfield, CA 93309  Read More
The Future: Lasers Repair Teeth
A Harvard team of researchers has used a low-power laser to induce humanstem cells to form dentin, the internal structure of a tooth. They also described how it worked on a molecular level.The procedure involves introducing the laser into holes in rodent molars, while they are in the mouth, to...  Read More
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