Bill Adams, DDS
Bill Adams, DDS
20 years of experience helping dentists in all of the transitions in the life cycle of your business. Bill Adams, DDS, FAGD
Dr Bill Adams

PART 1: WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT FIVE DENTAL PRACTICES?NOVEMBER 2016 – Q&A WITH PETE NEWCOMBIs dentistry an art, science or business? At DTSpade, we’d argue that it is all three.But every Client decides how much time they can allocate to each. Do you invest in getting better at your...  Read More
The Deciding Decade of Dentistry
If you want a glimpse of the future of dentistry, take a look at the history of the medical profession. While it is indisputable that there are numerous changes in the industry, the future of dentistry is quite predictable. Dentists need to look at the situations that physicians have been facing...  Read More
Are You Paying Attention to What You are NOT Doing That Could Significantly Increase Your Practice Value?
Sometimes documenting what you areNOT doing is as important as documenting what you ARE doing when it comes toincreasing the value of your dental practice for potential buyers. In our Practice InformationSummary form, which is used in part to illustrate the value of a dentalpractice, there is the...  Read More
Are You Serious or Just Curious?
Thinking About Selling Your Dental Practice?Are you Serious or Just Curious?Understandably, many dentists are initially hesitant when it comes to the idea of selling their practice. Their practice is their identity and, while retirement is a time for new beginnings and fun, it is a big change from...  Read More
At Southeast Transitions, we are often asked by future sellers,“What do we need to prepare to present our practice to future buyers?”Here’s what we have found: Have a clear message about the reason for the sale. Prospective buyers will want to know why you are selling. A...  Read More
There are a number of rumors circulating regarding patient retention following a dental practice sale; in fact, some people say that new owners lose up to 20% of patients. Fortunately, this is untrue-most dentists are able to retain at least 90% of the patient base after buying a dental practice....  Read More
The dentist is the backbone of the practice; in fact, there are many patients who become so attached to their dentist, that they will drive across town or even longer distances to see him or her. Unfortunately, when the dentist passes on, the practice is at risk of being sold at a loss or even...  Read More
As a dental practice owner who has put a lot into your practice, it's only natural that you would see your practice in a different light than a potential buyer, who is not as familiar with it. However, when making the decision to place your dental practice for sale, considering the needs and wants...  Read More
Don't Wait Until Retirement Time to Sell Your Dental PracticeDeciding on the right time to put your dental practice for sale can be a daunting experience. While it may seem logical to wait until you're ready to retire, the truth is that selling your dental practice earlier can have a positive...  Read More
We all face life changing decisions during our careers,particularly in transition periods.Those of us who have dedicated a lifetime to pursuing a profession andhoning our craft, often become enmeshed in our own vocation. Our self-worth, and indeed our identity as aperson, becomes fused with our...  Read More
“Bad things aren't obvious when times are good, after all, you only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” - Warren Buffett, 2001Way too often, we are guilty of following along our current paths, waiting on an event that forces us to change.It’sdifficult to...  Read More
Planning your dentalpractice transition: the most important professional decision you'llmake.This video allows you to hear directly from dentists who have been through it so you know what to expect and know how to avoid critical errors.VIDEO:DENTAL PRACTICE TRANSITIONS: What You Need to...  Read More
Protect Your Family & Your Legacy with a Codicil to Your Will
A growing number of dentists are continuing to practice as long as they can physically handle the stresses of the job. Thedecision not to move into retirement has been very positive for theirpatients and staff since they continue to receive high quality care froma person they trust. Additionally,...  Read More
This article is about one of the most selfless things a dentist cando for his family, staff and patients to safeguard their futures. If youare over 60 years of age or plan on working as long as humanlypossible, this is essential.Have you created a codicil to yourwill stating how your practice is to...  Read More
Selling a dental practice looks as easy as filling a tooth, right?But have you noticed that many patients think filling a tooth is quick,easy, and far less complicated than it actually is? Well, brokering adeal to sell a dental practice is the same way — it looks easier than itactually is!...  Read More
There is a famous quote by Albert Einstein that says:“The definitionof insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expectingdifferent results.” Yet this is exactly what we so often do when we arelocked into our old patterns of behavior or become too comfortable withwhat we...  Read More

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