Dr David Moffet's Ultimate Patient Experience Blog
Dr David Moffet's Ultimate Patient Experience Blog
Dr David Moffet BDS FPFA, is the creator of The Ultimate Patient Experience, TM, a simple set of very common sense patient service steps being used by dentists all over the world to create unique experiences for their patients....
Dr David Moffet

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Every day in every Dental Office the phone rings with a New Patient Enquiry Call.And our staff are driving those enquiries away….The phone rings and it is someone wanting to book in with us, and our receptionist is turning the caller off, and turning them away.Not on purpose.Putting it...  Read More
A Day With Howard Farran From Dentaltown… Some Pearls...
I had the pleasure of spending a day listening to Howard Farran share just a small part of his Dental Knowledge with a group of Dentists in Sydney last Saturday:Here are some of Howard’s pearls.Not all of them.I’ve also included my take [as well] on some of these...  Read More
The general public really can’t tell the difference between a good filling and a great filling. They don’t know whether your crown margins are thirty microns or fifty microns. They just believe that all dentists do the same work.They also assume that all Dental Offices know how to file...  Read More
My blog post last weekraised a considerable number of supportive comments, both here at the blog site as well as on various Dental Chat Forums.Most of those commenting were in agreement with my opinions that, by offering a low fee entry to our Dental Services for a New Patient Visit, we were also...  Read More
One of the key Ah-Ha Moments that arises out of my one-day workshops is the prime importance of the role that the Ultimate Dental Handover plays in the whole process of treatment acceptance as well as patient retention.I see practices pounding the keypads of their phones dialing patient after...  Read More
“We’ve got some spaces in our book….”Have you ever looked at your appointment schedule, doctors, and uttered these words?Recently?Spaces you know that are looming, and are going to be difficult to fill.And then you say:“It’s just a...  Read More
It’s no fun living paycheck to paycheck.I’ve done it.And life is far more fun when you’re comfortable.Yet there are dentists out there who struggle.Omer Reed told me four years ago that ninety five percent of American Dentists that reach the age of sixty-five cannot retire.Because...  Read More
Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day out in Sydney entertaining a good Dentist friend of mine who was visiting from the USA.And as we walked, and wined and dined, he shared with me his dental story.And I wondered, as I listened to this story, I wondered how many of us would be brave...  Read More
Last month I wrote about the effects of having underperforming team members employed at your dental officeInspired by an article in Forbes that came across my desk this week,, I’d like to move the discussion up a notch and discuss the consequences of continuing to maintain positions in your...  Read More
I’ve always been an advocate for the mantra that all of our patients deserve our full and undivided attention each and every time that they visit our dental office.On top of that, that undivided attention needs to be given, and shown, whether the appointment time is first thing in the...  Read More
An interesting discussion this week in an Australian email chat forum for high achieving Dentists….It happened that one of the dentists decided that his practicing life needed some invigorating, and he felt that one way that this could be achieved was by the addition of a $150,000.00 Cad Cam...  Read More
I read a greatyesterday in Forbes Magazine discussing the Customer Service Systems used by Four Seasons.The article discussed the simple process of how a hotel room door should sound on closing, and the Customer Service Systems employed by Four Seasons in the delivery of the best feeling ever for...  Read More
One of the frustrations of a solo dental practitioner is the production in his dental office on the days when he is away or absent from the office.This includes the days each week that the dentist may choose to not work at his dental office, as well as time off for vacation and for education.Does...  Read More
It still surprises me that so many dentists out there don’t have a grip or a grasp on their numbers.Omer Reed told me two years ago that at age 65, ninety five percent of dentists in the USA have not reached their walkaway point in their dental practice careers.This means that at age 65, only...  Read More
“The sooner you get over the limiting and erroneous belief that your business is different, the sooner you’ll be able to ‘borrow’ best practices wherever you find them, from diverse businesses outside your own tiny little world, and use them to improve your business. This...  Read More
In his book,No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits, Dan Kennedy says that the number one imperative governing a business’s profits is having the most effective marketing, to attract new customers, to optimize the value of customers, and to rescue lost customers.And by marketing, he...  Read More
One of the things that I find and see as I meet with dentists and their teams around the world is that there are dental offices out there where not all members of the team are on the same page.“On the same page” means the team all has the same agenda at the same time.In business, and in...  Read More
People are strange creatures.Today’s blog, as usual, being the second blog for the week, is on the business of dentistry.And today I have a lesson. On people.People are strange creatures.This week, as those of you who are my Facebook friends will know, I have been entertaining visitors from...  Read More
We all want and need employees with Customer Service Eyes. And Customer Service DNA.Speaking personally, I don’t believe that I was born with Customer Service Eyes. Or Customer Service DNA either, for that matter.Nobody is.I believe that Customer Service Eyes and Customer Service DNA are...  Read More
One of the great things about being a thought leader in your chosen career is the ability or permission or invitations extended to you to Mastermind with fellow like minded people in a conducive think tank environment.These mastermind sessions are invaluable in business as a relevant event because...  Read More
Over the last month I’ve been performing some Mystery Shopper Calls to Dental Offices around Australia.Not only have I been phoning general dentists, but I’ve also been phoning some of the better Dental Offices around Australia. Some of the top producers and high-end offices.Although...  Read More
One of the most valuable tools in any business, and especially in Dentistry, is the Mystery Shop.The Mystery Shop Process involves the creation of a false customer to trial the protocols and procedures of a business, often your own, with the intention of spying, or analyzing, or information...  Read More
Imagine if you walked into a Police Station and the Police on duty there were not wearing a uniform?I mean, they were in civilian clothes.Imagine if you walked into McDonald’s placed your order, and the boy that took your order just said:“Chips?!”You see, at the Police Station,...  Read More
“No one should ever treat customers as an interruption. On the contrary, customers should always feel welcomed and encouraged to interrupt us whenever they want to.”– Shep HykenYou can’t believe what goes on out there in telephone land behind your backs, Doctors.The other...  Read More
Jayne and I had the pleasure yesterday of spending a full day in a workshop with great sales instructor Jack Daly.It’s important to regularly go outside of your industry to look at what other businesses are doing, and how other businesses are dealing with business issues in the day to day...  Read More
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