Dentsply Sirona introduces new 3D Printing resins

Posted: November 20, 2023
Edited by Dentaltown staff

CHARLOTTE, N.C.— Dentsply Sirona enhances the range of applications for its Primeprint Solution with additions to its resin portfolio. The new resins Primeprint Splint ST and Primeprint Splint SF have now been FDA and CE cleared.

Primeprint Splint ST and Primeprint Splint SF resins allow to be printed with thin wall thickness – starting at 0.8 mm. They provide different degrees of hardness and flexibility and can thus be selected according to the indication and the patient’s needs. To provide an optimal patient wear comfort they are free of MMA, THF-MA and TPO2, allowing a neutral taste and scent.

The new resins are designed to be used in the Primeprint 3D printing system within various workflows. Dental professionals have the option to design themselves using inLab Software, order the design from DS Core Create or order it from their preferred dental lab. When using DS Core Create design services, the splint design is provided within the turnaround time of six hours as a ready-to-print-file. This allows for immediate production, making it easy to delegate the workflow to the practice staff.

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