Fresh Health Inc. Unveils Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator

Posted: February 6, 2023
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Fresh Health Inc. introduces the Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator, the world’s first automated oral health system customized to fit each patient’s dentition for a more precise, thorough cleaning at home with just 7 seconds of active treatment. Proclaim uses the latest in digital intraoral scanning and advanced 3D-printing technology to design and produce a custom mouthpiece with up to 60 precisely-placed pressurized jets along both facial and lingual interproximal sites. The jets send pulsing water with precision between the teeth and below the gum line. The fully automated oral irrigator provides a 360-degree deep cleaning at the push of a button for consistent results with every use. Unlike existing manual solutions, this innovation was specially designed to offer patients a more sustainable and easier way to improve and maintain their oral health care habits at home, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes.

A new clinical study shows using Proclaim when paired with brushing, significantly reduces clinical signs of gingivitis compared to brushing and manual flossing in just 7 seconds of active treatment.

In the study 192 adult subjects completed the 30-day randomized, examiner-blinded clinical trial, with 61 subjects randomly assigned to the control group (brushing only), 65 subjects randomly assigned to the brushing + floss group, and 66 subjects randomly assigned to the brushing + Proclaim Oral Care System group. All subjects were provided with an ADA reference soft manual toothbrush and ADA accepted fluoride toothpaste and were instructed to brush 2x daily according to their usual habits. Subjects in the Proclaim group visited the research site once daily to use the Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator at the maximum setting (with water). Those in the floss group were instructed to floss once daily at home. Gingivitis was assessed at six sites per tooth using the Modified Gingival Index (MGI) and bleeding on a marginal probing via Gingival Bleeding Index (GBI), and plaque was measured using the Rustogi Modified Navy Plaque Index (RMNPI). Additionally, periodontal probing depth (PPD) and bleeding on probing (BOP) were measured at six sites per tooth. The clinical trial referenced was conducted at Salus Research in Fort Wayne, Indiana, an ADA-qualified research site.

Study participants in the brushing plus Proclaim group experienced significantly greater reductions in all measured indices and achieved a more effective clean compared to those in the manual tooth brushing only group.

More importantly, the brushing plus Proclaim group showed highly significant improvements in all measures versus brushing plus daily flossing, the positive control in the clinical study. In that regard, after 30 days use, the overall results showed Proclaim was 12.8 times more effective in reducing gingival inflammation, 8.9 times more effective in reducing gingival bleeding, and 9.3 times more effective in reducing plaque levels.

Also in the “hard-to-reach” interproximal areas, Proclaim was 13.2 times more effective in reducing gingival inflammation, 10.0 times more effective in reducing gingival bleeding, and 7.9 times more effective in reducing plaque levels.

In addition, the Proclaim group showed a 5.4 times greater pocket depth reduction and a 1.6 times greater bleeding on probing reduction compared to the brushing and flossing group. All of these differences were statistically significant and achieved after only 30 days of 7-second daily use of the novel Proclaim technology. No adverse events were reported.

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