ZimVie Announces Launch of T3 Pro Tapered Implant and Encode Emergence Healing Abutment

Posted: June 16, 2022
Edited by Dentaltown staff

WESTMINSTER, Co.—ZimVie Inc., the newly formed spinoff from Zimmer Biomet, announced the joint launch of the new, FDA-cleared T3 Pro Tapered Implant and Encode Emergence Healing Abutment in the United States. The T3 Pro is the newest addition to ZimVie’s family of dental implants and builds on the proven solutions of the T3 Tapered Implant. The Encode Emergence Healing Abutment builds upon ZimVie’s 3-in-1 Encode Impression System which provides clear intraoral scans and aesthetics, and is designed for patient comfort and healing.

ZimVie will begin commercial rollout of the T3 Pro and the Encode Emergence in the United States, with an intention to expand to additional countries pending necessary regulatory approvals.

T3 Pro has a hybrid surface featuring the proprietary Osseotite surface on the implant collar, which is also superimposed on the grit-blasted implant body. The hybrid surface of T3 Pro along with the optional integrated platform switching design has also been shown to provide early and long-term peri-implant bone support Additionally, T3 Pro boosts surgical performance with modernized collar design for placement depth adjustment, and self-tapping threads for controlled insertion.

The 3-in-1 Encode Emergence healing abutment, impression coping, and scan-body provides efficiency by reducing the need for multiple abutment removals (dis/reconnects) in the treatment process while improving hard and soft tissue preservation. Redesigned emergence profiles on the abutment facilitate natural gingival tissue healing for great aesthetics. With its intuitive, unique codes on the top surface and a matte appearance, the Encode Emergence Healing Abutment allows for clear intraoral scanning and great restoration precision. The pink color more closely matches that of the gingiva than uncolored titanium healing abutments.

For more information visit Zimvie.com/en/dental.html.

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