HPU Announces $32,000,000 Donor for New School of Dental Medicine

Posted: May 9, 2022
Edited by Dentaltown staff

HIGH POINT, N.C.—High Point University announced the major donor for the new School of Dental Medicine, which is expected to enroll its first class in fall 2023. The announcement comes as the university continues to grow with several new academic programs and buildings in development at HPU.

HPU is received the $32 million donation from the Rick and Angie Workman Foundation. Dr. Rick Workman is HPU’s Dental Innovator in Residence and the founder of Heartland Dental, which supports more than 1,600 offices nationwide. The new school will be named the Workman School of Dental Medicine.

This donation is part of a record-breaking $100 million investment from three separate families, which was announced at a press conference in March regarding HPU’s continued expansion.

More on the Workman School of Dental Medicine:
• HPU will establish the only private dental school in the state of North Carolina, which will be housed in a new 80,000-square-foot building on HPU’s Innovation Corridor.
• HPU’s dental school will partner with dentists in the local community and across the region.
• The total investment in the program is expected to be $100 million.
• At full capacity, HPU’s highly competitive and prestigious dental program will bring 240 new students to campus.
• Dr. Scott De Rossi is the founding dean of the new school.

For more information, visit highpoint.edu.
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