Ivoclar Announces Rebranding Efforts, Introduces New Logo

Posted: January 12, 2022
Edited by Dentaltown staff

AMHERST, N.Y.—Ivoclar Group has announced an updated logo to highlight the company's focus on being customer-oriented and modern. The "Vivadent" in the brand name and logo has been dropped, as have some additional visual elements.

Ivoclar Announces Rebranding Efforts, Introduces New Logo

"With our long-standing tradition, our pioneering achievements and our constant innovation, we can rely on a strong corporate brand as a foundation,” said Diego Gabathuler, CEO of the Ivoclar Group. "Nevertheless, I am convinced that there is still a lot of unused potential for us here, which we want to fully exploit in the future. A clearly structured positioning, which is also expressed in the visual appearance, is particularly important with regard to a future-oriented alignment of the company, which leads to the innovation that places our customers and their patients at the center of our actions and activities. For us, this is not just a matter of giving our logo some tweaks. Rather, the new corporate identity with its clear, reduced and focused visual language represents everything that our brand under-standing stands for."

The new Ivoclar logo and corporate design will be used globally in all communication channels from now on—where this has not yet been incorporated —and will also be gradually applied to brochures and other printed collateral.

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