Ivoclar Vivadent Launches IPS E.Max Prime Esthetic

Posted: November 8, 2021
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AMHERST, N.Y.—Ivoclar Vivadent recently announced the launch of IPS E.max Prime Esthetic—a new development in zirconium oxide ceramics. The product offers high quality, accuracy of fit, stability and natural looking results. 

Ivoclar Vivadent Launches IPS E.Max Prime Esthetic

The new IPS E.max Prime Esthetic belongs to the family of IPS E.max Prime zirconia materials and goes a step further by defining a new level of aesthetics. The new zirconium oxide discs are designed to provide monolithic restorations with outstanding aesthetics. It is easy to use, as convincing results are achieved in a few steps and with little manual effort when fabricating crowns and 3-unit bridges.

IPS E.max Prime Esthetic is characterized by a layer-free progression of shade and translucency. The material enables a method to achieve the desired aesthetics and high stability efficiently by providing incisal areas with the required high level of translucency and cervical areas with optimally coordinated levels of opacity and adequate strength (850 MPa). Given the precise shading of the material, an accurate match with the A–D shade guide is achieved by polishing or glazing the restorations after they have been milled and sintered. The combination of two zirconium oxide materials has resulted in a material that offers an ideal balance between stability and aesthetics. IPS e.max ZirCad Prime Esthetic is available in a comprehensive range of 16 A–D and 4 bleach shades and in 3 disc thicknesses (14 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm) with a diameter of Ø 98.5 mm each.

The gradient technology used in the manufacture of IPS E.max Prime involves three manufacturing steps. Two zirconium oxide raw materials are combined in a manufacturing process to produce a single material that incorporates the best qualities of both. In the case of IPS E.max Prime Esthetic, this combination consists of a highly translucent 4Y-TZP zirconium oxide raw material to achieve the required stability in the dentin area and thus to offer an attractive spectrum of applications, and a high 5Y-TZP zirconium oxide raw material to provide the necessary translucency in the incisal area for a natural looking enamel. This blend ensures the lifelike appearance of restorations. 

For more information, visit ivoclarvivadent.com.
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