Vista Apex Develops Bio-Regenerative Materials

Posted: July 20, 2021
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RACINE, Wis.—Vista Apex, a manufacturer of endodontic solutions and restorative materials, has developed innovative bio-regenerative alternatives to traditional dental materials. 

“There is a significant shift happening in dentistry. A new school of thought is connecting the dots of the mouth-body connection. Research has established that the health of your mouth affects mental and physical health too. Fortunately, research conducted into dental products produced materials that help the body heal naturally and prevent further breakdown of the teeth, starting from the beginning of the cycle at preventing or treating cavities,” explained Dr. Michael Miyasaki, chief dental officer of Vista Apex.  

Vista Apex recently developed RE-GEN, a line of Bioglass containing restorative materials aimed at breaking the cycle of tooth decay and helping the tooth heal itself. Bacteria and an acidic oral environment cause cavities that have traditionally only been prevented through proper flossing, brushing and nutrition.

“Bioactive materials are widely used in the medical field to regenerate bone but have been underutilized in the dental industry until now. Vista Apex is launching education for dentists to learn more, but patients can be proactive, know their options, and ask their dentist if a bioactive material, such as RE-GEN, is the best material for their case,” said Miyasaki.
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