Aurident to Offer Aoralscan Intraoral Scanner

Posted: April 1, 2021
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FULLERTON, Calif.—Aurident is now offering the new Aoralscan intraoral scanner from Shining 3D. The intraoral scanner delivers a premium scanning experience for patients, clinicians and technicians. Designed with an open source software to simplify the intraoral scanning experience, the Aoralscan enables dentists and technicians to easily obtain high-quality digital impressions. The scanner is the ideal choice for a full range of indications including implants, restorations, and orthodontics.

Aurident to Offer Aoralscan Intraoral Scanner

Key features:
No need for powder, guaranteeing a simplified scanning process and improving the patients’ clinical experience.

Realistic color
Real-time scan, realistic color and a clear margin line.

Easy operation
Quick start through a user-friendly interface. Allows sterile scanning by a single technician or dentist using the motion sensing function.

Intelligent scan
Self-developed scanning software integrates rich data processing functions to obtain high-quality digital impressions.

Aurident has been servicing the dental laboratory industry for over forty years, providing high quality products and services. Additionally, the company provides a wide range of 3D dental scanners, 3D printers and ancillary materials.

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