Ivoclar Vivadent Hosting Virtual Event During IDS 2021

Posted: November 10, 2020
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SCHAAN, Liechtenstein—Ivoclar Vivadent has developed a concept for connecting with all customers, dealers and partners outside of the International Dental Show (IDS) in March 2021. Refraining from hosting a fair booth, the dental company will offer a hybrid program designed to keep everyone connected and informed.

“We believe that a solely physical presence at IDS would limit our ability to connect with those who are unable to travel or have safety concerns that could limit on-site participation. A hybrid format offers convenient access to information for everyone, while minimizing risk.” said CEO Diego Gabathuler. “Our successful experience this year with the first ever online International Experts Symposium (IES) proved to us that new formats for our content are engaging, appealing and in pace with global developments. Customer centricity is an essential pillar in the company’s strategy. We’re excited to build on our experience and learnings from the IES 2020 as we continue to innovate for our customers.”

Ivoclar Vivadent has created a virtual conference and training program during IDS that will enable close interaction in a variety of formats, from one-on-one to one-to-many. 

The company will also be present in Cologne in a studio at the Rheinterrassen during the IDS from March 10–13. The studio provides another contact point for Ivoclar Vivadent in a controlled environment.

“The health and safety of our employees and guests is our highest priority,” said Gabathuler. “The IDS remains the leading exhibition for our industry. We want to create a conference experience for our guests in the 'new normal' that helps lead the way into the future as a strong community. At the Rheinterrassen location, we will have much more control of the situation. We hope to return to the exhibition halls of IDS in 2023, and I am sure that setting will reflect other innovative solutions than those we are offering in 2021.” 
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