Optimu Rotary Announces Direct Availability of Horico Lamello Polishers

Posted: October 6, 2020
Edited by Dentaltown staff

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif.—Optimu Rotary announces the direct availability of Horico Lamello polishers, which are offered in versions to accommodate work on composite, traditional ceramic, and hard-ceramic materials, including zirconium dioxide and lithium disilicate. The polishers feature an open-spiral construction that minimizes heat development, and they incorporate a high concentration of interspersed diamonds that enhance instrument durability. The flexible, polishing wheels readily adapt to all restoration surfaces and can be used intuitively at any angle.

For work on composites, Lamello polishers are offered in medium (5W 9667, pink) and fine (5W 9668, white) grits. To accommodate the requirements of restorations made of ZrO2 and other modern hard ceramics, the polishers are available in medium (5W 9418ZR, blue) and fine (5W 9548ZR, pink) versions, which also are included in the Horico ZKD4 kit to simplify chairside adjustment and polishing of hard-ceramic restorations.

Especially suitable for dental laboratory applications on traditional ceramic restorations, the polishers are offered in three diamond grit versions: coarse (5W9910, blue), medium (5W 9911, pink) and fine (5W 9912, white). When applied to ceramics, the polishers achieve the desired, aesthetic surface quality without requiring polishing paste or steam cleaning.

For more information visit Optimurotary.com.


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