Townie News Wire: SmileDirectClub

D. Blaine Leeds, DDS, and SmileDirectClub have filed an antitrust lawsuit against the Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama, claiming the board exceeded its authority and practiced protectionism.
Posted: November 5, 2018
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Townie News Wire: SmileDirectClub

Dr. Leeds, who is licensed in Alabama, and SmileDirectClub alleged the board discriminated against them by ruling Dr. Leeds and the company could not practice in the state. SmileDirectClub has a teledentistry platform that allows out-of-state dentist, Dr. Leeds, to provide aligner therapy treatments. 
According to Law 360, The suit claims that Dr. Leeds could not practice in the state unless he is physically in the state. The board also allegedly would not allow SmileDirectClub to take images of consumers' teeth and gums. The Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama sent a cease and desist letter to SmileDirectClub accusing the company of illegally practicing dentistry in the state. 
SmileDirectClub claims taking photos does not constitute a dental procedure because no diagnosis is made. They argue that because the photos do not equal a dental procedure, the board does not have the authority to determine if it is dentistry or not.

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