You Should Know: YAPI by Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD, Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine

You Should Know: YAPI
by Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD, Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine

According to Dr. Gina Dorfman, founder of YAPI, there are three key elements to having a productive, stress-free day in a dental practice: good team communication, team engagement and preparedness. YAPI is a practice management software that speaks to all three. We spoke with Dorfman, a 2000 USC Dental School graduate, to learn more.

You created YAPI to allow dentists to do more dentistry with the same resources and less stress. Can you tell us more about this?
Dorfman: YAPI is a fully integrated and intuitive application that empowers dental teams with real-time actionable practice intelligence delivered through an easy-to-understand visual display. YAPI is the only application of its kind that integrates seamlessly with most dental practice management software. YAPI automatically pulls specific relevant information from the practice management software, combines it with real-time data and delivers actionable content to everyone on the dental team at a glance. Armed with timely, accurate information, clinical and administrative team members are able to take charge of today, review what happened yesterday and plan for tomorrow.

YAPI is organized around a fully customizable Virtual Dashboard that offers a bird’s eye view of the office and improves the flow of information throughout the practice. At a glance, everyone on a dental team knows a patient’s status and priority levels: who is ready to be seated; who is filling out paperwork; who came late; who has been waiting a long time to be seated; who needs a hygiene check; and who is running behind schedule. This real-time information enables dental teams to optimize workflow, resolve bottlenecks and handle lastminute changes in the schedule.

The Virtual Dashboard automatically sends real-time, actionable alerts that make everyone on the team aware of any potential issues and help teams make fast, reliable decisions, maximize each patient’s visit and handle the unexpected. For example, YAPI automatically reminds team members to collect past due balances, schedule past due hygiene appointments and update medical histories.

YAPI also helps teams prepare for the day ahead and maximize opportunities that each day presents with minimum time investment. Now, in only a few seconds, Virtual Huddle delivers valuable information at their fingertips. Virtual Huddle is dynamic as it’s able to show last-minute changes without delays. Because Virtual Huddle is interactive, team members can add additional comments or reminders that they wish to share with their teammates at any time.

How did the idea to start YAPI come about?
Dorfman: YAPI was born out of frustration. I have always been interested in finding simple solutions to solving everyday challenges and I am a big fan of automation. I’ve been using a very powerful practice management software in my practice since we started, but felt that there were better and easier ways of doing certain things. I’ve also looked at third-party software but all had one major disadvantage – none were integrated well with my core software to deliver the results I was looking for.

One day I was venting to my father, a software engineer with 30 years of experience in designing business software. He said, “All right, if you were to design a software, what would it look like? How would it work? Who would use it?” At first, I struggled to answer. He pressed on with a lot of “What is the point?” and “What would you do with that information?” questions. We started to think about the possibilities. A few weeks later he called me, “Are you at your computer? Can you look at something?” What I saw made my jaw drop – I was looking at the prototype of YAPI which stands for “Your Actionable Practice Interface.”

How many people are working with you on this application?
Dorfman: We are a small family-run company. Being small allows us to make quick decisions and accomplish our goals efficiently. Our greatest strength, however, comes from collaboration with our end users – many of whom are Townies. As a group, Townies are thirsty for information, innovation and improvement. YAPI has evolved exponentially over the past few years due to the feedback and ideas offered to us by our users. It’s not unusual for us to get an idea for a feature from one of our users and pounce on it, rolling out a new update almost overnight.

What drives your passion for improving patient flow and productivity for dentists?
Dorfman: I think that every dentist would love to have more productive days that flow well. The consistent keys to having those days are good people and good systems. You’ve probably heard the saying that good systems enable good people. I’ve always believed in hiring the best people for my practice. Creating good systems, however, was always hard work.

Systems have to be simple enough for everyone to embrace and follow and they have to be easily reproducible. Most importantly, every member of a dental team has to have the right information and feel empowered to act on this information to accomplish the goals of the practice. Through my participation on, I’ve learned that many doctors struggled with this aspect of practice management. When we created YAPI, we set out to create a set of tools that created structure and empowered good dental teams to perform more efficiently.

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