Product Profile: OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug

Product Profile: OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug 

One-step bone grafting solution for socket preservation without a membrane

Impladent Ltd.’s OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug combines OsteoGen bioactive resorbable calcium apatite crystals with bovine Achilles tendon collagen for a one-step socket preservation solution without the need for a separate membrane.

The bioactive calcium phosphate crystals and crystal clusters combined with collagen create a hydrophilic structure that mimics the composition of physiologic bone. The result is a bone graft combined with a collagen plug for ease of clinical delivery—all for less than $50 per extraction.

The OsteoGen graft production process yields a resorbable bone graft with a unique calcium-to-phosphate ratio that is not a ß-TCP, a nonresorbable dense ceramic HA or a biphasic mixture of the two. Instead, it is a unique low-density calcium phosphate graft that is resorbable. The bovine Achilles tendon collagen carries the bone graft for easy and efficient delivery to the site, eliminating the hassle and time spent mixing and packing particulate bone grafts while also eliminating the potential for graft washout.

The Type I collagen acts as a wound dressing not only to stabilize the clot but also to absorb and deliver blood flow to the slowly resorbing graft, a feature critical for the initiation of bone formation and early angiogenesis. The collagen found in the OsteoGen plug provides a scaffold for keratinized tissue to develop over the grafted site.

To prepare the socket, entirely remove the infected periodontal ligament, flush out and repeat. Make holes or partially remove lamina dura to the alveolar process to initiate blood flow and trigger the regional acceleratory phenomenon. Taper the plug apically, deliver dry into the socket and let it soak up blood. Compact the plug to make a membrane and condense to 1 millimeter below soft tissue crestally and crisscross suture over top—not through the plug.

The low-density nature of the OsteoGen graft means that the OsteoGen plug will show radiolucent on the day of placement and radiopaque in four to five months as the graft turns over, depending on the specific patient. This transition from radiolucent to radiopaque is a key indicator of bone turnover. At this point, the plug has been replaced with the host bone and is ready for the implant.

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