Product Profile: GrandioSO Restorative Material

Product Profile: GrandioSO Restorative Material 

Because being the most toothlike composite matters

The storied history of dental composites has been one of a consistent push toward greater aesthetics, easier handling, increased longevity and a more seamless integration into the biology of the oral cavity that enables the practice of minimally invasive dentistry. With its GrandioSO universal restorative material, Voco brings a unique combination of properties that achieves these goals.

Formulated to match toothlike physical properties, this universal, 89% filled nanohybrid composite has the modulus of elasticity, thermocycling coefficient, surface hardness, edge strength and several other properties that individually—and even more so, collectively—closely mirror that of natural dentition. These unique toothlike qualities make for long-lasting, aesthetic and robust restorations. But more importantly, these properties uphold the integrity of the restoration where it matters most: at the margin between composite and natural tooth structure.

Because of its toothlike modulus of elasticity and thermocycling coefficient, for example, GrandioSO flexes, moves, expands and contracts in nearly the same way as the surrounding tooth structure even as physical forces and changes in temperature affect the oral environment. This leads to less stress on the margin and therefore longer-lasting restorations and a lower risk of incipient decay.

Additionally, these properties lead to excellent polishability and polish retention, as well as enhanced color stability over the long term.

For a decade, practitioners have enjoyed GrandioSO. Its easy, nonstick consistency makes for great composite handling and exceptional aesthetics, providing instant and tangible results, and its toothlike physical properties and high-fill rate deliver trusted quality and enhanced longevity.

GrandioSO has been used in millions of restorations worldwide. As a universal restorative and a workhorse composite for any practice, it has provided reliable results, making GrandioSO one of Voco’s most successful products. It is built on high-quality chemistry that provides reliable, long-term aesthetic restorations.

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