Professional Courtesy: New Life for New Products in 2021 by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi

Professional Courtesy: New Life for New Products in 2021 

This year’s Townie Choice Awards is the product showcase we’ve missed seeing from trade shows

by Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD, editorial director

Please take a few moments to review the Townie Choice Awards preview section here. The companies featured in these pages want to remind you that your votes are important. Dentaltown is a community of influencers, and the daily discussions online are just one way that your voice can help your fellow dentists. Voting in the TCAs has a lasting impact and its ballot provides insight on the products you use in your practice every day.

The lack of live dental trade shows for nearly two years has led to a significant lack of awareness of new products. Trade shows were often the first step in launching a marketing campaign for a new product. That same lack of access to live trade shows, though, has created tremendous opportunity for smart companies to reach out to the thousands of dentists who regularly interact on Dentaltown’s online forums and many thousands more who read this magazine every month. We want to do our best to fill that void and continue to support the real-world experience with products long after trade shows return.

Write-ins for the win

Last year, we added a feature that allows you to vote on your favorite new products as well. In many cases, it can take a new product a couple of years to gain enough market share to break through on the main ballot. This new feature makes it possible for innovative ideas to be recognized. To qualify for this section on the ballot, a product must have been released in a specific 12-month period that precedes the publication of the ballot. If your favorite new product isn’t on the list, please use the option provided to add it as a write-in vote—in previous years, we have had a write-in product with a strong following win its category!

There has been more than enough discussion and debate about how important it is to vote. Regardless of the purpose, when you have an opportunity to vote, you should take the time to let your voice be heard. The more dentists who take the time to vote, the better the data. With better data, we have a guide to help our decision-making related to products, equipment and services.

Reviews that matter

I would love to explore your thoughts on the topic of writing reviews for products. Everyone who makes a purchase on Amazon has looked at the reviews on a product at some point in time. Product reviews are here to stay, and they can be very influential.

In the context of Dentaltown, product reviews are buried in the thousands of conversations happening every day; dentists are discussing clinical and practice issues and sharing advice or experiences with possible solutions. If you had the opportunity to write product reviews that could live in a special section of our website, would you take the time to do it? Would you use a feature like this to make buying decisions? Please share your comments on the digital version of this article online or send me an email with your thoughts on the topic. Reach me at Your feedback and suggestions are vital to our continued success.

Check it out!

Vote today and be entered to win!
To cast your vote for the dental industry’s best products and services, complete your ballot at


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