Product Profile: Zen-PX4

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Product Profile: Genoray Zen-PX4 

Portable dental X-ray system

The Zen-PX4 portable dental X-ray system possesses one of the most powerful handheld generators on the market, boasting a 70kV tube voltage with 2.0mA tube current to ensure the clearest images possible. The 0.4mm focal spot captures images with ease and precision.

In addition, the unit is equipped with a highly efficient battery management system that produces an average of 400 exposures, along with a sleep mode function to prevent unnecessary battery usage while taking four hours to fully charge.

With radiation safety a top priority, the FDA-approved Zen-PX4 includes a backscatter shield of 0.3mm lead equivalency to keep the operator safe during exposure. The handheld unit also includes a tripod mounting point for precision with a 25-foot exposure switch to capture still images and a 16GB Micro SD card for added storage. The exposure time can be adjusted according to the patient’s bone density and is fully customizable for all 32 teeth, saving valuable time.

One of the lightest units in the market, the Zen-PX4 body weighs 3.3 pounds, allowing technicians to capture the perfect angle with minimal effort. This also helps free the staff from being shackled to wall mounts or space-consuming units. The Portview X-ray intraoral sensor comes in standard 1 and 2 sizes and is ergonomically designed for easy use. The USB connection allows the user to connect the sensor to a PC or the Zen-PX4 generator. This allows for three different configurations when capturing an image:

  1. Plug the Portview sensor into the PC for direct integration with the clinic’s dental software.
  2. Plug the sensor directly into the Zen-PX4 to capture an image directly to the generator or view the image on the LCD screen and upload it to a PC at a later time.
  3. Connect the sensor to the Zen-PX4 and utilize its Wi-Fi adapter for wireless transfer to the clinic’s PC dental software (exclusive feature).

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