Product Profile: Bank of America Startup Financing

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Product Profile: Bank of America Startup Financing 

Starting a practice in 2021

Since 1996, Bank of America Practice Solutions has helped dentists across the nation reach their goals through smart financial solutions and helpful guidance. Whether dentists are starting a practice or expanding to new horizons, customized financial products are available to help turn their dreams into reality.

Starting a practice is one of the greatest accomplishments in a dentist’s career, but it can also be one of the most challenging. As with any new business, these challenges come early, particularly with securing a loan, staffing and building a strong marketing plan to fill the operatories. Conquering these obstacles becomes far more manageable with an experienced lender.

The startup financing offered by Bank of America is an all-inclusive package, including:

  • Flexible rates and flexible terms.
  • Optional rate lock to protect against interest rate changes.
  • Interest-only and graduated payment options to give ample time to grow without cash flow restrictions.

As a national lender, Bank of America not only offers a strong lending solution for new startup practices but also complements the loan with turnkey business solutions such as merchant services, easy check deposits, business checking and online banking. Working with a lender that offers a full suite of products to help fulfill a dentist’s banking needs from top to bottom can be helpful when transitioning to practice ownership.

Bank of America focuses on three phases of starting a new practice:

Phase one involves obtaining loan approval with the ability to lock in the borrower’s interest rate for up to four months, while finalizing leasehold or real estate space.

Phase two happens after lease signing, during the construction period. During this time, borrowers can make payments daily to vendors for construction, equipment and marketing for up to 10 months of the project period, guarding against any potential construction delays.

Phase three occurs once the practice opens for business. New practice owners benefit from Bank of America’s complimentary Practice Heartbeat program, which develops the management, analytic and competitive skills crucial to practice ownership.

To learn more about practice startup loans and current promotional rates available through Bank of America, visit or call 800-497-6076.


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