Product Profile: Best for Dentistry Membership

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Product Profile: Best for Dentistry Membership 

Helping independent practices thrive

With independent dentistry becoming more difficult amid the rising popularity of corporate dentistry, developing a thriving practice has proven to be daunting. With insurance negotiation, employee relations, payroll, patient care, overhead costs and a slew of other tasks, time and profits are being dismantled.

Founded by a dentist, BEST for Dentistry was created to level the playing field and give a voice to independent dentists. The company acknowledges the value that independent dentists bring to their communities and is aware of the struggles for success and longevity. Dentists can fi nd an advocate by joining the No. 1 network of independent dental practices to increase profitability and deliver better care.

BEST stands for “building everyone’s success together,” and BEST for Dentistry is passionate about fulfilling that idea. The company leverages group purchasing power for independent dentists by negotiating savings and providing solutions on their behalf. If dentists are looking to expand the scope of the dental practice, offer health insurance to employees, buy new equipment or reduce monthly supply or lab bills, BEST for Dentistry will advocate to make sure they have access to the necessary benefits. Representing more than 1,200 practices nationwide, the company negotiates corporate-level savings and best-in-class solutions for members. With a large array of alliance partners, there is a solution in nearly every facet of running a practice.

What does a membership look like? Unlike other DSO models, a membership with BEST for Dentistry allows for maintaining 100% clinical autonomy. Receiving corporate-level pricing and clinical freedom leaves more room for professional satisfaction and growth. Access to a membership is easy through online access to a member portal and a dedicated account manager to help identify areas in which the company can benefit the practice. In addition, members receive access to industry webinars, educational tools and more through BEST University, an online resource. Memberships are month-to-month without being locked into a contract.

To learn more, visit or call 877-669-6320.


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