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Dentrix practice management software provides dentists with an entire ecosystem of solutions and outcomes that can help them expand every aspect of their practices. Among many other clinical tools, Dentrix Smart Image delivers a new, faster workflow for acquiring diagnostic 2D and 3D images, associating them with the correct CDT codes, displaying them in the patient chart and attaching the correct image to an insurance claim.

Dentrix also provides tightly integrated business tools like its Practice Advisor Report, which can inform the business and increase profitability. In addition, add-on services like Dentrix eServices work hand in hand with the software to provide intuitive workflows that allow teams to accomplish their tasks more efficiently. The optional service supports core tasks for revenue management, patient communications, reputation management and practice marketing, to name a few.

Dentists can partner with Dentrix to help their offices operate at peak efficiency with trainers, coaches, business experts and knowledgeable support staff. In addition, users can implement computers, networks, security and tech support solutions designed specifically for dental practices and field-tested by dental experts to ensure the new technology is a success. They can also expand the Dentrix platform by using innovative, third-party technology from leading dental vendors that is tested and certified to provide true integration with Dentrix.

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