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Information in this section is culled from releases that were delivered to All material is subject to editing and space availability.

Dentaltown Magazine

Uveneer Extra template system

The Uveneer Extra template system is now available through Ultradent Products. The template system complements the original Uveneer template system to provide more natural restorations with four new upper anterior designs—extra-large, large, medium and square templates.

The autoclavable templates prevent the oxygen inhibition layer from forming during the curing process, resulting in hard, glossy surfaces while allowing light to pass through to the composite for effective curing. They work with any preferred composite to create reproducible composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry.


Dentaltown Magazine

Ergonomic Syringe

Both of 3M’s flowable composite materials, 3M Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative and 3M Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative, will feature an improved syringe design to simplify placement. The new tip reduces bubbles and waste by producing virtually no bubbles or material run-on during the dispensing process. It also allows for effortless access to the prep area with an easy-to-bend cannula that can be bent by hand without kinking.

The new syringe is also more ergonomic and user-friendly, featuring a triangle finger plate and larger plunger, making it easy to hold and inject while providing the ability to quickly personalize the grip.


Dentaltown Magazine

Tempo Refined Fit loupe frame

Orascoptic will be adding a new loupes frame, Tempo Refined Fit, to its custom product portfolio of vision solutions for dental and medical professionals. The frame is designed to maximize comfort for clinicians who have a lower nose bridge or prominent cheekbones, which often makes conventional loupes frames a poor fit. It minimizes problems such as the frame sliding down the nose bridge or uncomfortably resting on the cheekbones .

Design features include a unique nose-pad wire to allow for a comfortable and secure fit on a less-pronounced nose bridge. The R&D team has incorporated the ideal B dimension to prevent misalignment of optics caused by the frame resting on the cheeks. This frame was built with the optimal angle of pantoscopic tilt to alleviate the discomfort caused by frames resting directly on the cheekbones. These refinements contribute to a truer fit and enhanced comfort for the user.


Dentaltown Magazine

Zeramex XT implant

Glidewell Dental’s Zeramex XT implant is a two-piece ceramic implant engineered to help clinicians provide lifelike aesthetics for cases in the anterior or with thin tissue biotypes.

The implant is 100% metal-free, biocompatible and offers a degree of restorative flexibility compared with single-piece ceramic implants.The implant also features a beveled platform that eases the placement of prosthetic components, a bolt-in tube connection that minimizes the transmission of forces to the implant, four interlocks that provide antirotation protection, and a high-performance Vicarbo screw manufactured from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The root-shaped design of the implant helps achieve high primary stability, while its hydrophilic-treated Zerafil surface supports osseointegration.

The implant is available in 4.2mm and 5.5mm diameters, and the system includes an array of prosthetic components to support a full range of temporary and permanent restorative protocols.


Dentaltown Magazine

Palodent 360 circumferential matrix system

Dentsply Sirona recently introduced the Palodent 360 circumferential matrix system, which allows clinicians to achieve tight contacts with anatomically natural contours without the use of a retainer or an applicator.

Like the Palodent Plus sectional matrix system, Palodent 360 features an anatomically shaped matrix band to provide predictable, tight contacts that replicate natural tooth anatomy. The new system can be used for all Class II restorations including difficult Class II cases, such as situations where there is no adjacent tooth or there is a severely rotated tooth.


Dentaltown Magazine

Triton portable delivery system

ASI Dental Specialties is releasing an upgraded version of the Triton Model?90-2025 self-contained dental unit. The new series includes many improvements, including a high-flow vacuum system with 20% greater suction, a new faster canister purging system and a tandem water bottle system with one water line disinfection cartridge.

The Triton portable dental delivery system features an internal air compressor and vacuum system. It requires only an electrical outlet to operate, which makes it ideal for portable dentistry or for expanding an office without trenching for plumbing.




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