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The current dental terminology codes are as extensive as they are ever-changing. This year, new codes are in, some codes are out, and yet there’s still an opportunity to enhance the options doctors have to make sure we’re getting what we’re owed for our efforts. Here’s a look at a few codes that we’re encouraging the ADA to adopt.*

D0964: Removal of traditional orthodontic appliance from a patient on the run from another doc down the road.

D7658: Patient education to explain for the third time in one visit how no, I can’t “do it now and bill you later.”

D2091: Remarkably smelly patient.

D3478: Exposure of too much personal information when all you want to do is complete the exam, but now you’re listening to a five-minute story about someone you’ve never met.

D0034: Interim medicament application of whiskey to doctor per patient.

D9801: General retention of the soul.

D5568: Introduction of parent to operatory when treating child.

D7650: Oral evaluation of a patient who spent time on Google before appointment, and therefore my dental degree and decades of experience are on par with their cursory search history.

D8008: Maintaining strict eye contact when presented with a completed implant case.

D8752: Applying blunt force trauma to my own head before I apply it to somebody else’s.

*Some of these codes may conflict with real ones. Also, this is a joke page. You remembered that, right?

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