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A single shade omni-chromatic bulk-fill restorative

Dentists are continuously on the lookout for products that help them improve efficiency, save time, maintain a high level of quality, and ensure patient satisfaction while keeping costs and inventory at manageable levels. Voco’s Admira Fusion X-tra, a single-shade omni-chromatic bulk-fill restorative with a 4mm depth of cure, is designed to address these needs.

Admira Fusion X-tra’s nanoparticulate fillers are so small that they do not diffract or refract light, allowing the material to elicit a “chameleon effect” that matches the restoration to the wide range of shades in the surrounding tooth structure. As a result, the product’s single, omni-chromatic universal shade can accurately match the range of shades within human dentition. Not only does this make placing restorations comparatively quick and easy with no guesswork, it means practitioners do not have to keep multiple shades on hand in their inventory or worry about having shades that go unused and ultimately thrown away.

As a member of Voco’s Nano-Ormocer product line, Admira Fusion X-tra’s fillers and Ormocer matrix are purely based on silicone oxide. This pure silicate technology offers several advantages, including up to 50% lower polymerization shrinkage (1.25% by volume) than conventional composites, as well as up to 50% lower shrinkage stress. These two key physical properties increase the strength, longevity and durability of a clinician’s restorations.

The Ormocer matrix used within Admira Fusion X-tra makes the material highly biocompatible, because it is 100% BPA-free and contains no classic monomers, such as BisGMA, TEGDMA or UDMA. With an 84% (by weight) inorganic filler content, the light-cured, radiopaque product has excellent strength and wear properties. Additionally, it is compatible with all conventional bonding agents and offers homogeneous, nonstick handling.

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