Continuing Education Update by Dr. Howard Goldstein

Continuing Education
by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education

Dentaltown is proud to release The Townie Meeting 2019 Lecture series, which contains 13 courses from the meeting’s excellent speakers, including Drs. Lane Ochi (two courses), David Landwehr (three hours), Jeanette MacLean (three hours), Mia Geisinger and Arthur Volker. You can also enjoy courses from Dana Pardue Salisbury, Heidi Mount, Michelle Strange, Penny Reed, Chris Bormes and more. Combined, these courses provide more than 23 hours of excellent education in both clinical dentistry and practice management. Everyone who attended Townie Meeting 2019 can access these courses for free. If you missed the meeting, don’t worry: It’s only $280 to receive these 23 hours of CE credits.

Principles of Predictable Full-Mouth Rehabilitation 
by Dr. Cory Glenn
This course goes through all aspects of the process of full-mouth rehabilitation to make it predictable for every restorative dentist. Discussion includes how to plan it, the various steps, how to prep segmentally, etc. This course is a must for every restorative dentist.

Silver Is the New Black: Improving Your Practice with Silver Diamine Fluoride
by Dr. Jeanette MacLean
Silver diamine fluoride is a revolutionary approach to combating caries in an effective, noninvasive manner. Discover the history and science behind this powerful oral medicine that recently received the prestigious FDA “breakthrough therapy” designation and learn how to successfully incorporate this caries management treatment into your clinical practice.

See What You Can Do with Composite
by Dr. Terry Shaw
In this course, Shaw presents various cases showing everything from full-mouth composite rehabs to composite bridges and some out-of-the-box restorations. Opening occlusion with the Dahl Technique is also discussed. 

Less Is More: Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Treatment Options for Enamel Defects
by Dr. Jeanette MacLean
Another course by the same great author! MI?Paste, Icon Resin Infiltration and etch/bleach seal can improve—or even completely reverse—the appearance of congenital enamel defects and white spot lesions while preserving tooth structure and repairing the patient’s natural enamel. Learn three simple, painless and minimally invasive treatment options that can increase patient satisfaction and attract new patients to your practice.

Efficient Workflow for Guided Implant Surgery
by Dr. Riley Clark
This informative CE course discusses the complete workflow for guided implant surgery. Topics include how to effectively acquire CBCTs and merge with STL files, the details of the edentulous workflow with dual-scan protocol, and clinical pearls for guided surgery. 

It’s Your Money—A Few Ideas to Keep It
by Tom Zgainer
Planning for retirement can be complex, especially when it may still be years into the future. The decisions you make today need to lead to outcomes that ensure you accumulate the financial resources needed to sustain you once your active work is complete. This CE course will provide ideas to help accomplish your goals.

Attitudes, Breakdowns and Conflict Resolutions 
by Judy Kay Mausolf
Discover how to elevate your communication to a level that inspires open communication, prevents breakdowns, resolves conflict, and builds trust and respect, resulting in high-performing team and patient relationships. Learn the skills to communicate positively and effectively with different, and even difficult, personalities.

Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Grafting with Socket Preservation and Implant Placement
by Dr. Charles Schlesinger
This CE lecture focuses on basic grafting techniques. Rationale and techniques utilized in basic socket preservation will be discussed, in addition to grafting along with implant placement. This course is a must for anyone placing grafts or thinking about placing grafts for implants.

The 40-Minute Crown Appointment from Start to Finish
by Dr. Bryan Laskin
This course describes the steps and techniques needed to complete a full-coverage restoration in just 40 minutes. From material choice to helpful tools, each step of the appointment is covered in detail to reveal how it can be made more efficient while still providing exceptional care to your patients.

Everyday Posterior and Anterior Composites 
by Dr. John Nosti
Nosti discusses simplified techniques for everyday posterior and anterior composites to provide an aesthetic outcome while at the same time being profitable. Materials, techniques and instrumentation will be reviewed, along with understanding several important factors to reduce failures.

Troubleshooting Dentures
by Dr. Joe Barker
Because dentures have always been frustrating to many dentists and patients, this course was created to help dentists help patients. From the exam through post insertion of the dentures, there are many pitfalls and troublesome areas. This course will help to eliminate these areas and to increase patient satisfaction by covering all areas of denture construction.

Improving Your Confidence and Competence in Office Oral Surgery: Atraumatic Surgical Extractions, Flaps and Splitting Teeth
by Dr. Jay Reznick
This presentation covers important oral surgery topics for the general dentist, including management of patients on anticoagulants, antibiotic prophylaxis, design and use of surgical flaps, handpieces and hand instruments, surgical extractions, splitting teeth, retrieving root tips, and atraumatic extraction techniques.

The Rubber Dam
by Dr. Rok Stern
This definitive course will show how to achieve rubber dam isolation, beginning with materials and equipment, and then how to properly isolate teeth for a variety of dental procedures. Learn how to easily and predictably achieve isolation in a timely fashion. One will learn the necessary skills to isolate any tooth for an endodontic procedure and for all direct and indirect restorative procedures. 

Professional Practice Transitions: Purchasing or Selling a Dental Practice vs. Associate Buy-In
by William Barrett, Esq.
This course will help develop an in-depth understanding of the business, legal and practical considerations necessary to execute the ideal practice transaction from both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective. The material covered is helpful whether you’re looking to expand your practice through acquisition, develop transition plans with minority equity through associate buy-ins, or purchase a practice outright.  

Endo for GPs: Better, Faster and Safer Root Canals—Instrument Separation, Obturation and More
by Dr. Manor Haas
In this practical course, you’ll learn how to perform root canals better, faster and safer. Many clinical tips and tricks will be demonstrated both for novice and experienced GPs who may want to perform (more) root canals with less stress. Topics discussed include instrument separation, irrigation, obturation, etc.

Check it out!What CE courses do you want to see? 
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