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The next generation of CBCT imaging

Last fall, Planmeca introduced a new imaging system to the dental market, and it’s been gaining momentum ever since. Capturing the attention of advanced specialists such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons and the orthodontic community, Planmeca Viso G7 offers some of the industry’s latest breakthroughs. This system was designed to meet the needs of industry leaders requiring advanced tools for treatment planning.

Planmeca Viso G7 offers 2D, 3D and optional one-shot cephalometric imaging with Planmeca ProCeph. It has a large 25x30cm flat-panel detector with four built-in cameras for live patient positioning and unsurpassed control in selecting the region of interest. This system can capture a 30x30cm volume image from the skullcap to C7 on the cervical spine. Planmeca Viso is equipped to handle advanced technology such as Planmeca ProFace and Planmeca 4D Jaw Motion technology, which allows clinicians to see their patients in a new way. Planmeca ProFace captures a 3D photo at the same time the system acquires a CBCT scan, creating a complete virtual patient.

With Planmeca Romexis software, practitioners can combine 3D images and 3D facial photos with digital intraoral scans. It can even track mandibular jaw movement in real time with Planmeca 4D Jaw Motion. Planmeca Viso also offers a 120-kilovolt option for imaging patients with challenging anatomy. Planmeca Viso also utilizes Planmeca’s Ultra Low Dose technology and Planmeca Calm, which corrects patient movement during CBCT acquisition.

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