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Simpler crowns, predictable outcomes

Nobel Biocare’s On1 Concept restorative platform simplifies implant crowns for general practice. Paired with Nobel’s Conical Connection implants, the On1 platform allows for predictable screw-retained outcomes with sub­crestal implant placement.

The On1 Concept solves the soft tissue “issue” of a deeply placed platform switch implant with the installation on surgery day. Soft tissue heals around this component, which provides a tissue-level restorative interface at either 1.75mm or 2.5mm above the implant. This moves the restorative process up and away from the soft-tissue integration.

The impression, scan and final restoration installation all occur at tissue level, leaving the mucosal seal around the On1 base undisturbed throughout the restorative process. This protection of the mucosal seal around the implant is believed to be valuable in preventing inflammation and recession.

For restorative practices, the On1 Concept speeds impression, scan and delivery appointments with the component interaction just 1–2mm below the free gingival margin, instead of 3.5-4mm like most platform-switched implants. Scannable healing abutments are included with the system to allow efficient record capture without ever removing the healing abutment.

Because the On1 restorative platform is convenient to access, dental auxiliary can easily begin delivery of these units and deliveries involve less chair time to comfortably install these crowns without using local anesthetic. For more information, visit

Case study

Dr. Mike Meek from 38th Street Dental Clinic in Austin, Texas, used the On1 Concept to restore the lower right quadrant where a three-unit bridge had failed. One regular-platform and one wide-platform Nobel Biocare Conical Connection implant were placed with On1 bases and their healing caps.

After an adequate healing period, the fixtures were checked for integration and released by the surgeon to the restorative practice. A standard closed-tray impression was recorded from the tissue-level platform of the On1 bases. The patient was comfortable because the base kept the dental auxiliary from pinching the soft tissue or impinging bone.

A Nobel Procera lab partner fabricated the monolithic zirconia crowns for the On1 universal base. This lab component can be used for both immediate temporization and final restoration. Both crowns were seated individually to verify fit, then concurrently to finalize the contacts and occlusion.



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