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All four of IH Biomedical’s osseocompatible implant systems allow for a simplified drilling protocol, and Implant Alliance DSO-style pricing saves clinicians time and money.

Systems procedure:
1. Drill pilot hole to length at normal depth (or only 75% to length).
2. Drill with normal protocol to 75% of normal depth. The iHex2, MorsTorq and iH Active implant systems are compatible with all surgical drilling systems. Choose a final drill with the existing drill system that is 0.5–1.2mm smaller than the final implant diameter. Drill 75% of the way to length. The osseocompatibility features of the implants will accommodate the osteotomy the majority of the time (excluding Type 1 bone in the apical third).
3. Insert osseocompatible iHex2, iHex3, MorsTorq or iH Active implant. Aggressive threading and deep vent design features will perform self-osseous recontouring.
4. iHex2, iHex3, MorsTorq and iH Active allow the implant to expand, condense and recontour the osteotomy for greater stability and bone density properties.

Osseocompatibility advantages:
• Greater primary stability.
• Greater created bone density.
• Increased immediate or early loading capability.
• Simplified drilling protocol.
• 100% compatible with existing surgical systems
(no need to buy a new kit).
• Increased efficiency and productivity.
• Achieve similar results to using bone condensers and osteotomes
by allowing the osseocompatibility features of the implant to shape and recontour the osteotomy.
• Self-drilling features allow for minimally invasive sinus bump and bicortical stabilization.
• Much earlier loading protocol than most short implants because of higher densification and primary stability.

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