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Eliminate provisional pop-off

Premature dislodgement of a temporary crown or bridge unnecessarily disrupts the daily routine of many dental practices. However, providing patients with a comfortable, functional and aesthetic provisional restoration does not have to be a complex or time-consuming task.

Cling2 Resin Optimized Temporary Cement from Clinician’s Choice, available in an automix 5ml or 10ml syringe kit, was designed to provide predictability and convenience for all provisional cases. It allows for a consistent mix and effortless placement inside the temporary restoration. With an adequate 30-second working time and an efficient 90-second set time, chair time is minimized while excess cement can be sufficiently removed (often flaking off in chunks from the margins), reducing the possibility of trapping small particles subgingivally. Upon removal, most of the cement will remain within the temporary, leaving very little to clean off the preparation.

The product’s non-eugenol formula soothes and protects the prepared tooth while ensuring the prepared surface is contaminant-free. The small amount of polycarboxylate resin ensures greater retention throughout the entire provisionalization period, yet temps will still come off easily when needed. The presence of polycarboxylate resin also enhances the marginal seal and produces less cement washout for a more comfortable temporary restoration. The antibacterial properties of Cling2 reduces gingival plaque retention and is a nonirritant to the tissue itself. Cling2’s ability to heal and maintain the health and position of gingival tissue around the margins of the preparation allows for a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing final restoration.

Although there are other factors influencing the quality and durability of a provisional crown or bridge, the choice of a temporary cement should be considered just as carefully as the choice of temporary matrix and temporary material. Cling2 provides the necessary retention for a provisional period free of temporary pop-offs while protecting the hard and soft tissues, increasing the predictability of restorative success.

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