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Step 1. Take this with you to your morning huddle.

Step 2. Ask your team members for answers.

Step 3. Fill out the following page.

Step 4. Laugh, hopefully.

Step 5. Mail your finished Mad Lib back to us for a chance to win a $50 gift card!

Click here for a PDF Version.

1. Person’s name:
2. Location:
3. Noun:
4. Person’s name #2:
5. Adjective + Noun:
6. Dental procedure:
7. Endangered animal:
8. Washed-up B-list celebrity:
9. Gift nobody wants:
10. Body part:
11. Dental material:
12. Old movie:
13. Adverb:
14. Noun:
15. Person’s name #3:
16. Dental instrument:
17. An illness:
18. DSO:
19. A liquid:

      Dr. ______________________ , speaking a day after the latest Dentaltown event, held in ___________________ , said that despite the unfortunate incident involving the ______________________ , most of the attendees seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. While the search continues for ______________________ and his/her ______________________ , local authorities said they’re confident the person will be found unharmed.

       Several new CE courses were added for the event, including “10-Minute ______________________ and Patient Mortality: Are They Actually Related, or Are Some People Just Bleeders?”

       For those attendees who signed up for “Blindfolded Gumline Grafting in ______________________ :

       A Live Surgical Presentation,” partial credit will be given to anyone who wasn’t able to participate due to lack of ... supplies.

Special thanks to ______________________ ’s surprise visit in the Exhibit Hall, and generous gifts of photobombing and ______________________ , attendees didn’t go home empty-handed.

       Other swag prizes at various booths included life-size replicas of Dr. Howard Farran’s ______________________ and an autographed chunk of melted ______________________ , signed by the last remaining cast members of ______________________ .

       Closing up the event was a blast! Attendees ______________________ made their way to the hotel’s new ______________________-themed bar and club, where Dr. ______________________ set a Dentaltown record for the largest number of used ______________________ hurled at an insurance rep in 60 seconds. Thankfully, no one was injured and only three people allegedly contracted ______________________ .

       “Let’s see those folks over at ______________________ host an event like this!” one doctor yelled before shotgunning a can of ______________________ and smashing it against her head.


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