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A versatile overdenture system

In the maxillae, the bone quality and quantity often dictate the use of an overdenture bar to protect the implants in weaker bone through splinting. In the resorbed mandible, the atrophied ridge cannot be engaged by the denture flange and therefore does not provide prosthesis stability. For either indication, a bar overdenture can better accommodate extremely divergent implants.

Now having made the choice to provide an overdenture bar, the appropriate attachment system must be selected. An immediate benefit of Preat’s Hader Bar attachment system is its flexibility in prostheses function. The metal Ackermann clips provide both vertical and rotational movement, making it ideal for two abutments with a single straight section. Additionally, the plastic Hader clips provide rotational movement and are ideal for restorations utilizing multiple bar sections and/or for rigid/fully abutment-supported prostheses.

Often space is an additional limiting factor in providing a definitive restoration. The Hader Bar attachment system is a space-saving solution as well. With a total vertical bar height of 2.5mm, a total vertical attachment height of 1.5mm and attachment widths of 4.2mm, a stable and aesthetic restoration may be provided to the patient. With four retentions of plastic clips, patient-specific retention may be provided. In addition, the Hader clips can be replaced in less than 30 seconds using the Hader clip insertion tool.

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