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GrandioSO X-tra Restorative Material
Voco has announced the newest addition to its GrandioSO family: GrandioSO?X-tra, an aesthetic, packable bulk-fill nanohybrid restorative material. In addition to high-quality aesthetics, easy handling and enhanced physical properties, the material can be light-cured at a depth of up to 4mm and has a filler content of 86 percent by weight, which accounts for a low shrinkage rate of only 1.4 percent by volume. GrandioSO X-tra comes in syringes and capsules and is available in four shades: universal, A1, A2 and A3.

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Dentaltown Magazine

Bluephase G4 Curing Light
Ivoclar Vivadent has announced a new LED curing light, Bluephase G4. The product’s automated assistance system detects if the handpiece moved during the curing process and the restoration can no longer be cured reliably. Depending on the extent of movement, the Bluephase G4 Polyvision either emits a vibration alert to inform the operator of the error and, if necessary, automatically extends the curing time by 10 percent, or—if the handpiece moves too much (e.g., slips off the tooth)—interrupts the curing cycle by automatically shutting off so the cycle can be repeated correctly.

The Bluephase G4 features a light output of 1200 mW/cm2, Polywave LED technology in a broadband spectrum of 385 to 515nm, and a 10mm wide light guide with a homogeneous beam profile. Additionally, the curing light is also equipped with anti-glare protection to prevent activation in open space.

For more information, call 800-533-6825 or visit

Dentaltown Magazine

3M Chairside Zirconia
3M Chairside Zirconia is a new CAD/CAM zirconia block optimized for the fast-sintering Cerec SpeedFire Furnace. The new block offers an optimal blend of high strength and aesthetics to go along with a fast sintering time of approximately 20 minutes for a thin-walled crown.

For easy shade-matching, the material is available in eight shades and two block sizes designed for crowns and three-unit bridges to match the Vita classical shades. Additionally, due to its low minimum wall thickness of 0.8mm, dentists can carry out less-invasive preparations and preserve more tooth structure.

The product offers a high flexural strength option of more than 800 MPa, and has a fracture toughness that meets stringent ISO standards. 3M Chairside Zirconia will officially launch at the International Dental Show and will be available for sale in the U.S. on May 1.

For more information, call 800-634-2249 or visit

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