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According to our calculations, this issue of Dentaltown will hit your mailbox around Valentine’s Day. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that dentists dislike frivolous faux holidays as much as they love frugality. So we’ve put together a short list of seasonal bargains you can throw your wallet at to forget how sad or lonely you felt on this year’s horrid heart-related holiday.

1. Chocolate, candy, etc. This is a no-brainer; we’ve all seen those clearance signs outside on the unbought Valentine’s Day candy. Sink your teeth into a chocolate peanut butter heart that’s 75?percent off. Doesn’t that taste like winning? Stock up on bags of red and pink candy at enormously discounted prices. Most of it will be good ... enough ... when Halloween rolls around eight months later. That’s a steal of a deal, doc.

2. Cruises. January to March is considered a type of Black Friday for travel agents—who still uses those, by the way?—especially when it comes to “Wave Season,” the time when cruise prices are historically low. If you felt extra alone this Valentine’s Day, now is the time to book that singles cruise, and get your buoy bobbing, so to speak.

3. Gift cards. Seriously, this is a practical strategy. Around March, the gift card market releases its best deals. A $100 gift card for only $85?! Yes, please! Check out eBay and Amazon’s daily deals in March and you might find yourself up to your eyeballs in discounted gift cards. Use them to fill the void you feel inside, or trick your team into thinking they’re worth what the card says, instead of what you actually paid.

4. Summer camps and luggage. Nothing says love like taking advantage of early enrollment pricing for select summer camps, and the usual deals you can find on luggage ... and then sending your children away for a few weeks or more during the summer with a fun new bag. Just imagine their brightly colored little suitcases disappearing out of sight, and then the quiet ... the sweet, calm quiet of a house with no screaming.

5. Townie Meeting. It’s not too late! March 20–23 is coming up and we’ve extended our “early bird pricing.” So, you know, basically it’s just the price now ... and it’s a good one! Nothing heals a lonely heart like coming together with hundreds of other Townies to laugh, learn, whack golf balls, gamble, catch spring training baseball games, and watch Howard Farran wrestle wild javelinas, in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona! for more.

Go, go, go!


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