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A composite that flows

Over the past 10 years flowable composites have become more of a commodity as almost every materials manufacturer in the industry has one. Voco’s GrandioSO Heavy Flow is bucking that trend and bringing innovation to this material segment as it is more accurately identified as a composite that flows as opposed to a flowable composite.

GrandioSO Heavy Flow is an 83 percent filled high-viscosity, nanohybrid, universal, flowable composite that, due to its high fill rate, offers exceptional physical properties compared with other conventional flowable and packable composites. The material comes in 13 shades, including the specialty VCA5 shade, which is ideal for many geriatric patients. With its enhanced physical properties and wide range of indications, an increasing number of practitioners are turning to the product for both traditional and unique restoration solutions.

With initial shrinkage under 3 percent and flexural strength over 400 MPa, GrandioSO Heavy Flow creates opportunities that wouldn’t be considered with conventional flowables and is more favorable than many packable composites. Like most flowables, it is indicated for the restoration of minimally invasive cavities of all classes (small restorations). Additionally, the product comes in handy for small Class I restorations where compressive strength and adaptability are crucial, or for small Class V restorations where packables are too sticky and conventional flowables are too runny. GrandioSO Heavy Flow is also an ideal solution for Class II restorations where ideal viscosity allows doctors to build an anatomically shaped wall that is perfect to pack against.

Voco’s GrandioSO Heavy Flow possesses the necessary physical properties to provide new solutions to age old challenges for today’s modern dentist. These physical properties include stability, compressive strength, adaptability, flexural strength, abrasion, shrinkage, wear, polish and more. These elevated physical properties allow the product to support indications that go beyond Class I–V restorations and expand to include extended fissure sealing, blocking out undercuts, lining or coating cavities, repairing fillings and veneers, luting translucent prosthetic pieces, interlocking and splinting teeth with glass fiber strands (GrandTEC) in orthodontics, periodontics, traumatology and more. Viewed simply as a composite, GrandioSO Heavy Flow excels in terms of its physical properties—many of which stem from its high filler content.

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