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Vista Dental Products debuted Phasor, a patent-pending device that uses near-infrared technology to rapidly warm composite compules, at the most recent Greater New York Dental Meeting.

Phasor can heat composite material to 150 F in under 1 minute and sustain a constant temperature throughout the entire dental procedure. Materials remain highly sculptable, nonsticky and easily shaped during manipulation. Warming composite significantly lowers the viscosity of the material, resulting in better adaptation, reduced voids and microleakage, and improved depth of cure. The product is not limited to a single brand of composite, making the device extremely versatile not only in quick posterior bulk fills, but in aesthetic regions as well.

For more information, visit or call 877-418-4782.

Orthotown Magazine

Moisyn Rinse
Prisyna, the oral care division of Synedgen, founded to optimize oral health using advanced, proprietary glycomics technology, has announced the market launch of Moisyn Rinse for xerostomia relief. Xerostomia can result in dry, thick oral mucus, painful oral tissues, bad breath and sleep disturbance.

Moisyn Rinse is the follow-up companion product to Moisyn Mist, the company’s dry-mouth spray. The products relieve the symptoms of dry mouth while moisturizing and lubricating oral dryness. They alleviate mouth pain, dryness, saliva thickness and bad taste sensation and don’t contain alcohol, detergents, parabens or chlorhexidine.

For more information, visit

Orthotown Magazine

Cubex, a provider of pharmacy and supply management technology, recently introduced QBud, a small wireless device that allows customers to manage supply items, regardless of cost or size, across their entire inventory.

QBud is Bluetooth- and NFC-enabled, smaller than a credit card and available in packs of 20. Groups of QBud’s are typically arranged on a shelf or affixed to bins beneath products they’ve been assigned to manage. Once in place, they’re connected to the customer’s software system via the Cubex inventory management assistant. An LCD screen displays the product description and quantity currently on hand, while a simple user interface allows customers to tell the device when they’re taking or restocking items. Once an item reaches its assigned minimum threshold, QBud can automatically place an order for more, with the device showing the user when that inbound stock is on the way.

For more information, visit or call 480-470-3284.

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