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Dentists’ laboratory partner is now chairside

The in-office solution is a versatile suite of technologies that gives clinicians an all-inclusive way to deliver same-visit restorations to patients. This chairside ecosystem is affordable, easy to learn and backed by the power of Glidewell Laboratories; clinicians can connect directly to the lab for design assistance or technical support. They can also submit cases to the lab at any step along the way—all from a single interface.

The system can mill and deliver restorations from a variety of materials. It’s the only chairside system that can mill same-visit crowns using BruxZir, the No. 1 prescribed brand of solid zirconia and the only fully sintered zirconia available for in-office use. Restorations milled from BruxZir?Now milling blocks are ready to deliver right out of the mill, with no oven time required, saving doctor and patient time and hassle. Among current users, BruxZir is the material of choice in 73 percent of milled cases.

Clinicians who use have reported that within four months of ownership they’re typically milling an average of 35 in-office crowns per month. This translates to a significant decrease in monthly lab expenses and a return on their original investments within a short time frame. is based upon technologies not used by any other crown proposal software on the market. The software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create informed design proposals, drawing upon the extensive library of cases at Glidewell Laboratories for real-life data. Finalized proposals are then sent to the in-office unit, which uses a proprietary milling strategy to ensure precise margins and a superior fit.

Unlike other in-office milling units available, the requires no external air compressor and has a small footprint that can be easily integrated into nearly any workspace.

Doctors who add to their practices will be given full support along the way from the team of experts at Glidewell Laboratories, including in-office onboard training and setup designed to ensure users get the most out of the system.

For more information, visit or call 844-949-7184.


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