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The Locator R-Tx Removable Attachment System represents the fourth generation of award-winning overdenture technology from Zest Dental Solutions, and another market-leading, patient-removable attachment system.

The new DuraTec abutment coating is 30 percent harder, offers more than 25 percent greater wear resistance, a nearly 65 percent reduction in surface roughness, and is an aesthetic gingiva tone. The narrower coronal geometry of the abutment and the dual engagement of the retention inserts on the outside of the abutment allow patients to easily align and properly seat their overdenture, decreasing deformation, which could lead to premature wear.

The system now treats up to 30 degrees of angle correction using a single set of redesigned retention inserts with straightforward retention values: zero, low, medium and high. It also utilizes the standard 0.05-inch/1.25mm hex drive mechanism, eliminating the need for additional drivers. In addition, all necessary components for each individual case are shipped in one customized vial: abutment, denture attachment housing with processing insert, retention inserts (zero, low, medium and high), and block-out spacer.

Zest believes that the Locator R-Tx is a better, simpler and stronger removable attachment system and offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. For more information, call 800-262-2310 or visit


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