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It’s been 20 years since mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) became the first bioactive medicament commercialized for use in endodontic dentistry. Its bioactivity at the periapical tissues allowed cementum to grow directly over the MTA, making regeneration of the body’s normal architecture possible. The periodontal ligament tissues could now join to the cementum, and this healing process created a secondary seal for protection against bacterial leakage.

While MTA has been a positive development for endodontics, it has come with a tradeoff; over the years it has posed handling, washout, setting time, discoloration and economic challenges. Avalon Biomed’s NeoMTA Plus manages to overcome all of those challenges.

Most MTAs are mixed with water to form a coarse, wet-sand consistency that is difficult to pick up and place. In contrast, NeoMTA Plus is mixed with its gel to create a putty that can be easily formed into whatever shape is needed. The product can be mixed to a variety of viscosities by varying the powder-to-gel ratio—mixed thick for use as a putty in various vital pulp or endodontic procedures, or thin for use as an endodontic sealer. Special placement devices are not necessary to deliver NeoMTA Plus.

Because of its loose consistency and long setting time, traditional MTA is susceptible to washout from exposure to blood, water or gravity. However, temporizing with a cotton pellet is not necessary with washout-resistant NeoMTA Plus. Conventional MTA has an initial setting time of roughly 2?hours and 45 minutes, contrasted with NeoMTA Plus’ setting time of 15 minutes. When it comes to vital pulp treatments, dentists can immediately etch the tooth and place a bonded composite restoration without worrying about disrupting the MTA.

Conventional MTA products have caused tooth discoloration, both immediately and in the long term. Discoloration typically occurs when bismuth oxide, the radiopacifier in many MTA products, is exposed to light or other medicaments. NeoMTA Plus is radiopaque without bismuth oxide and its tantalite radiopacifier does not discolor. In addition to these advantages, NeoMTA Plus is significantly less expensive than other MTAs and is the No. 1-rated endodontic reparative cement in the industry.

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